JAY Drops Video For Tidal Exclusive Song, ‘MaNyfaCedGod’

Each week, for over a month now, JAY Z has released a new video for his fans. This week, Carter has released a video for his Tidal Exclusive edition to his album, “MaNyfaCedGod.”

This video is similar in comparison to the video for “4:44,” when it comes to how it made me feel. Deep and dark with emotion, you can sense exactly what JAY wants you to feel with each tear that falls from the actress’ face.

The song features James Blake, but for the full track, you must have Tidal. Of course, you can watch the video below, but it’s artsy and doesn’t feature the full song like every other music video.

You can check out another video for his Tidal Exclusive addition, “Adnis,” which you can view here.