Meek Mill Arrested For Reckless Endangerment

Late last night, around 10:15 pm, Meek was arrested for something that happened the night before, which left no one injured; riding his dirt bike on the streets of Inwood, NY.

Apparently, around 8;30 pm on Wednesday, Meek was riding his bike sans helmet and popping wheelies in the street. The police found proof of it by checking his Instagram live story, although it is no longer up to be seen.

Even though he was risking no one’s life, but his own, Meek is now facing charges of Felony Reckless Endangerment. 

His lawyer made the following statements,

“It really stinks of obvious targeting an individual who is a celebrity and maybe who law enforcement don’t like, and it’s not what the system is supposed to be about,”

“If his name was John Smith, he wouldn’t have even been arrested,” the lawyer said. “You could go to 110th St. and Dyckman right now and you’ll see 10 kids popping wheelies on their bikes. Nobody gets arrested.”

It is pretty obvious that there is foul play on the police’s side.

We will get some more news soon, hopefully later today, after he attends court.

You can watch the live video of his arrest at the link above on NYDaily and click below for more of Meek Mill and his Wins & Losses Movie.


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