Who Is Ravyn Lanae?

When looking for new music, there are a few things I listen for. A good beat, thoughtful lyrics, and flow that resonates from the speakers to my soul. I seem to find that every time I listen to Ravyn Lanae.

She is from Chicago and was most recently recognized by Rollingstone Magazine in March as an “Artist You Need To Know.” Affiliated with Smino and Monte Booker, Lanae is a part of the Zero Fatigue Crew, a Chicago music group, yet she’s also worked with Noname, another Chicago artist who you will also hear about soon enough!

A recent high school graduate, Lanae brings her bright spirit and classical music knowledge to the mic each time she parts her lips. While in school for classical studies, she found a balance to create her own music. You can hear her love of music highlighted in each of her songs, letting her calm and vibrant voice compliment each sound. Her music will find a home in fans of Jhene Aiko, Daniel Ceasar, or anyone else who loves some airy R&B. It is easy to fall in love with her budding talents.

Young, yet growing in the music game, Ravyn is in her third year of artist development. She dropped her first EP, my personal favorite, Moon Shoes in 2015. One year later Atlantic Records joined her and released it again via Apple Music.

On this project, you hear her flower-like voice take us through her mind as she travels between daydreamy life experiences. Love, acceptance, and airy emotions flow through this EP and leave us feeling like we’re walking on clouds, but not for long. Moon Shoes is only 10songs and 32 minutes long. Although that seems short, this is her longest project. 5 of the 10songs have correlating videos. You can check out her most popular video below, which is coincidently my favorite song, “Free Room.”


Her most recent project is what catch Rollingstone’s attention. Keeping to the theme of energy and the moon, her even shorter EP Midnight Moonlight holds no features and lasts just short of 20 minutes. Here was can hear a more aged and molded voice. Of course, she stays true to her light tone, yet demanding lyrics which keeps our finger far from the skip button. This project is a little deeper in my opinion as well, hinting that she’s dealt with her first heartbreak as a teen. There are no videos for this project yet, but Kinda Neat, a music podcast, did have a chance to catch her in the studio for her song “Spice.” You can watch that below. This song is an overall fan favorite on the project.


So you are probably wondering how you can get to see her in concert. Luckily for all of us, she is on tour right now with her fellow crew member, Smino, and SZA. (You can read my review on her latest album, here.) Of course, SZA is headlining the tour which covers 44 cities in the US and Canada. You can look below to see when they are coming to a city near you. They are only three days into the tour, so it won’t be hard to cop a ticket, YET. For all my NC viewers, they will hit our state in October. They swing through Greensboro first, on the 11th and wrap up in Charlotte the next day on the 12th.

I know that I will 100% be in the building and it won’t be a night to miss!

What do you guys think about his artist? I know her music is a little different than the usual, so let me know your thoughts in the comments. Do you want to see more music like this on the page?



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