Nicki Minaj Does The Most In ‘Rake It Up’ Video

The anticipation for this video was out of this world and when I realized I was a day late on its release, I was disappointed in myself for missing it right when it dropped. Don’t go searching on YouTube, because this visual is for members only, a.k.a. a Tidal Exclusive.

It’s always great to make a positive sandwich, so let’s start with something good. The video overall a perfect fit for the song. Full of sexy women, bright summer colors, and lot’s of hunnids, I couldn’t have asked for more! I loved the Florida theme, plastic outfits, and of course all of the rakes! Black Chyna made a cameo during the expected racing scene and Nicki Minaj looked sexy af. Simply put, a dope and expected video that disappointed me none the less.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I know I’m right. Nicki is supposed to be the “Queen of Rap” correct? Yeah, she exudes extreme sexiness and tames it with a “boss” exterior, but she often nears the line of doing too much, and with this video, she has officially done the most!

I know she hasn’t come out with new work for a while, but she doesn’t need to search for attention. Nicki Minaj knows she is making too much damn money to be bent over stripping for all of us, even if it is a “Tidal Exclusive.” I needed the other models to be acting like the strippers and Nicki doing boss shit like throwing money. She took this opportunity to degrade herself. I was so disappointed that I had to watch it a few times to really let it sink in.

Every blog’s title is something like “Watch Nicki Shake Her Ass,” or “Nicki Twerks For Us In New Video.” It is just a shame because it seems like a sellout and something I never expected from Nicki as far as how she portrayed herself. The whole baby pool scene should have never been used. I could go on and on about the mockery she made of herself.

This is supposed to be a sandwich though, so back to what I mentioned earlier, this video was well put together. There was clearly effort put into everything from the choreography to the props. The entire aesthetic of the set matched my expectations.

The video will likely drop next week on all platforms, following common Tidal standards. Of course, when it does, you can expect it to drop here!

Have any of you watched the new video? What was your first reaction? Check it out below and let me know in the comment section below!

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