(Review) Should You Listen To Luv Is Rage 2

When all of these new projects dropped this Friday I almost became overwhelmed. Who did I want to listen to first? I am not the biggest Action Bronson fan, I was partially interested in XXXTentacion’s 17, Cozy Tape vol. 2 definitely caught my interest, and I was going back in forth thinking who’s would be hottest; who I wanted to give my undivided attention to. But, once I saw the surprise promo for Uzi’s album, I knew exactly who I was tuning into for my ride back home from Atlanta.

With every new album I listen to, I do a couple of things. First, I always start on track 1. I feel like artists organize their projects from start to finish meticulously, or at least they should, and I want to give them the respect they deserve by listening in the way they intended it to be heard. Secondly, I like to give the music my full attention, like I would meeting someone I’ve been wanting to get to know. I want to get the right first impression of the way each song makes me feel. The substance of songs are important to me, so I always want to pay attention to what I’m listening to. Third, I ALWAYS listen again, so I can hear and feel things I didn’t notice the first go-round. Lastly, I think about if I even like or dislike the project enough to write about it.

It’s always nice when an album drops on a road trip day because then I have something new to ride to and the project has my undivided attention. Both were necessary and deserved with this album. Uzi really put effort into this project, leaving me impressed and having listened to it about 5-6 times through only 3 days later. But, the question at hand is: How does this album stand up to the hype and is it really all that?

First impressions are everything, right? Right! Well, the immediate feels I got from this project started with track 1, “Two.” If I just lost you there, track 1 is titled “Two.” It is a strong opening song and sets the tone for a rockstar themed trap production. The key word here is production. Throughout this entire album, there are notes of rock, heavy bass, muffled audio, and many other components that add up to make this project one of a completely different caliber.

Maaly Raw was one of the top producers on Luv Is Rage 2, but of course, with any good project, there are multiple collaborators. Don Cannon, WondaGurl, Dj Drama, Bobby Kritical, and more all had a hand in production. Add Pharrell and The Weeknd and you get a fast paced, new age genre of music suited perfectly for the quickly growing artist.

Speaking of good production though, it only seems right to jump to “For Real,” the sixth track on the album. Although this song isn’t acclaimed on iTunes, it is in my top three on the album almost solely because of the beat. Bobby Kritical and Dj Plugg produced it together, creating a healthy mix of spaced out sounds, speaker knocking bass, and an energy that lasts through the entire listening experience. Of course, Uzi also added his own style and catchy hook putting a cherry on top of the roller coaster of a song. It’s surprising this isn’t one of the top played songs off the album.

The reason I loved this entire project so much probably stems from why most people like music, it’s relative to their experiences and emotions. I think the title clearly describes the content and although my love isn’t rage, it’s damn near close when it comes to intimate relationships. Meaning, if you have ever been in a place where you wanna toss out thoughts of your ex, focus on yourself, and have a freaking great time doing it, you can find something you like from Luv Is Rage 2.

“Feelings Mutual” starts with a special message… “I can’t feel no more.” Immediately the beat drops and Uzi dives in taking us through his thoughts of being cursed by love. Saying “my body’s numb, maybe it’s cause I’m so hurt,” he sends his pain our way as we relate to each of his words, or at least me….. Don’t judge! This is definitely on replay and low key a perfect breakup song, if like like trap love that is.

There is one last song I want to touch on, only for sake of time and condensing my word count. This song is one of the two tracks with a feature and Uzi snagged the perfect fit, Pharrell Williams. Both Pharrell and Uzi Vert are known for not staying in the box and refusing to conform to one specific genre. That’s why it came as no surprise when I heard their genius collab, “Neon Guts.” The smooth beat fits a classic Pharrell style but is enhanced by the swaggy new age rap we can always expect from Lil Uzi. This also comes in at the top of my list for favorite songs and if anything holds my 2 favorite lines on the whole album, “I got some lights on my chest, don’t confuse it wit a heart” and “I gotta colorful aura like I got neon guts. Dark energies we don’t touch,” courtesy of Uzi and Pharrell respectively. Que mic drop here

Overall, this album would get an 8 rating from me. The only real reason I can knock off any points is solely because of my musical preference. I normally prefer a deeper lyrical foundation. Yet, the way music makes me feel always reigns supreme, leaving me having listened to this album over 5 times. Not only that, the closing song, XO Tour Life, has already gone triple platinum.

I suggest anyone who remotely likes any of Uzi’s music to give his latest project Luv Is Rage 2 a listen. Even if you aren’t a fan, there’s a pretty strong chance of you finding something you can enjoy.

Have you gotten a chance to listen to any of the songs yet? Let me know which is your favorite in the comment section below!

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