Watch The New Kevin Gates Video Now

Last year in October, when Kevin got arrested for kicking a female fan at one of his shows, no one would have guessed that he would still be locked up. Earlier in 2017, he was due to be released but then was extradited to Illinois where he was sentenced to 30 more months. The crazy part about it all was that it was a warrant from 2013 though, but that’s the system for you!

Anyways, yesterday Kevin a.k.a. Dreka, his wife, or whom ever she employs over media, promoted his latest video for his upcoming album. That came after they released a personal letter directly from Gates himself; addressing his fans and encouraging them to stay in high spirits.

A follow up to 2014’s By Any Means, Kevin will be dropping a new 14 track project on Sept. 21st. We’ve now heard 3 songs from the album, “No Love,”  “Had To,” and “What If,” which you can watch below!

His wife Dreka stepped up to put the entire project together alone. But, Kevin has faith in her, leaving it solely in her hands.

Of course, Gates isn’t in the video considering his current situation. It’s safe to assume the music on By Any Means 2 was previously recorded before his incarceration.

You can pre-order his album on iTunes now and listen to “Had To” below or on Spotify.

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