Cardi B’s Rapid Come Up

#1 on Billboards Hot 100 chart.

9 BET Hip-Hop Awards nominations.

Mingling with Beyonce.

Dating Offset.

The list of what Cardi’s been up to this year is extensive, to say the least.

Cardi first caught my attention as the funniest stripper I had ever met a couple years ago. She used to be at Cameo in Charlotte a bit, but I would have never imagined back then, or even two years ago on Love & HipHop, that I would be not only hearing her music but actually enjoying it. I knew Cardi B had already been dropping music, but I didn’t recognize her yet as a real musical talent. The key word here is YET.

Of course, it’s “Bodak Yellow” that caught my attention about 3 months ago. I remember when I heard it. My friend, Damar, told me to listen to the track and boyyy, I listened to it two times in a row, she snapped so hard. For close to 4 minutes the New York rapper delivered hard hitting lines, a catchy hook, and an energy so contagious, you gotta rap every line and keep it on repeat. That’s also why, now, three months later and with enough spins that my grandma even knows the song, I say the words every time, despite how annoyed I get. “Bodak Yellow” is so hot in these streets that she actually hit #1 on the Billboard charts and meaning, “Lil Bih you can’t f*ck with her if you wanted to!”

Still, so much came before and after her single’s success. She dropped two mixtapes in the past 8 months or so and has a new album on the way, supposedly next month in October. Both projects, Gansta Bitch Music Vol.1 and Vol.2, she described as “immaculate” during her interview with The Breakfast Club. In my opinion, I wouldn’t describe them as immaculate, but she damn sure came close.

You can’t hate on someone who is just genuinely being herself. She calls herself a hoe, talks about her tricks, and keeps it raw throughout both projects. Her now man, Offset, is featured on one of the tracks from Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2, “Lick.” She has a happy medium of solo and feature tracks, as well as funny skits that match up with some of the songs. Honestly, the girl can rap and deserves every nomination she’s been recognized for. Check out her an her man lookin’ fly as hell in the video below for “Lick.”

But her man isn’t the only attention she has drawn her way. Hustler of the Year, Single of the Year, Best New Hip-Hop Artist, Hot Ticket Performer, Best Hip-Hop Video, and MVP of the Year are just a few of the spots she’s gunning for during this year’s BET award ceremony. She is actually up against the Migos for a few, but when questioned during an interview she stated that Offset is definitely in her corner to win.

She also has a few features and videos with other up and coming artists that she has put out. Her track with Phresher, “Right Now,” is proof to why she is nominated for Best Hip Hop Style and her most recent collab with Josh X and Young Chow on “Island Girls,” she appears sexier than I’ve seen in a minute. You can actually watch both videos on my Upcoming Artist Videos tab, but all go ahead and throw the “Right Now” video down below.

Her style doesn’t stop when she steps off of set though. During this year’s Fall New York Fashion Week, she turned heads. From sporty at the Fenty show to complete elegance during Rih’s Diamond Ball, Cardi drew attention from designers, paparazzi, and attendees. It didn’t hurt that Offset was the perfect compliment by her side the entire time.

Her hard work is really paying off and now, with her bringing in #1 this week on the charts, she is definitely moving into a competitive spot as a top female rapper. So Nicki, watch out, she actually has bars that no one wrote for her! Let me turn down though.

Now, that I’ve given her the attention she deserves, Cardi isn’t coming down off of my radar anytime soon and although I am late, both of her mixtapes are downloaded and on replay.

What do you guys think about Cardi? Is she hot or a flop?

Tune in next Tuesday for an album review and more updates throughout this week!!!


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