SuperDuper KYLE Drops New Music; Listen Here

KYLE caught our attention last winter with his 3x platinum song, Ispy. Bursting into the industry strong and with the help of a feature from Lil Boat, the song peaked at number 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100. We haven’t heard to much work in between that time coming from his side, but now he has dropped 3 new singles all with vibes that make you wanna groove on out your seats and start dancing, but that isn’t too surprising. All of his music has an airy fun feel that has you singing along in seconds.

Ty Dolla $ign, Miguel a.k.a. Sky Walker, and fellow XXL Freshman, Madeintyo each brought their individual talents to the tracks making these 3 songs a perfect compliment to the end of the summer and start of something new.


On his track with Tokyo, “All Mine,” KYLE raps about his overprotective style when it comes to relationships, a pleasant switch up from the classic rejection of relationships often heard in Hip-Hop these days. Of course, Madeintyo leans a little closer towards the “no commitment, but you can’t be with no one else” side, but all in all the song is good. Surprisingly, although I am not a huge Tokyo fan, I might listen to a few more of his songs after hearing his feature here.


“Sunshine,” a, for lack of better words, “sunny” track, features Miguel and makes me think of the beach. I wish this could have dropped during summer because this deserves to be played poolside with a baddie tanning nearby. KYLE stayed true to his Cali roots with all 3 songs, but truly this one in particular. Listen below and see for yourself!


Lastly, we have my favorite song out of the trio of singles. Titled, “Off Of It” and featuring Ty Dolla $ign this track encourages all of its listeners to “get up off their ass” and dance. You can help but tap your toes, but considering how extra I am, I couldn’t help but get up and dance on the spot. Thanks, KYLE, your music always does the trick for me! DO NOT PRESS PLAY BELOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO FEEL GOOD THE VIBES ARE CONTAGIOUS!

What do you guys think of the new music KYLE has put out? Hopefully, this means a new project is coming. Let me know your thoughts below!

If you like music like this and getting to know new artists, check in Tuesday’s for a new series familiarizing you with lesser known talents in the industry.


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