First and foremost, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Smino, currently living in Chicago, is what I would describe as an alternative R&B/Rap artist, but one thing is for sure, smooth vibes are all that come from this artist. He mixes his silky voice and rap, taking you out into the water and leaving you floating. Doing music for a few years now, he has recently started budding more in the industry along with his music collective mates from Zero Fatigue. If you are in the mood to roll up, chill, and “Netflix and Dusse,” Smino’s music was made for you. Keep on reading below to get to know this musically skilled artist below.


Age: 26


Born: St. Louis, Missouri


Label: Zero Fatigue LLC and Downtown Records


Other Talents: Smino can not only rap, but play the drums as well! Drumming since seven, Smino began playing for his church early on, sparking his interest in the artistry of rap.

EP Discography: 

-S!CK S!CK S!CK (2015)

-blkjptr (2015)


Album Discography:

-blkswn [Debut Album] (2017)


Favorite Video: Most Viewed Video: With 888k views so far and over 250k views on the rest, it’s clear people are starting to catch on to Smino. Below is his video for “Anita,” a single off of his debut album, blkswn, released earlier this year. 


Latest Song: In the name of his birthday, Smino dropped a creamy smooth song just like its name, “Sorbet.” Let me know what you think of it in the comments!




Favorite Song: “blkswn” is my favorite song and one of the singles from his latest released project blkswn. Yes, they share the same name. Although there isn’t a video yet, you can listen to the song below! He is just so smooth with it, but I chose this song because the hook has me singing along every time.


Worked With: Zero Fatigue members; Rayvn Lanae, Jay2, and Bari. As well as Jean Dueax, Via Rosa, and Drea Smith.

You can click here to check out his SoundCloud.

What do you guys think about Smino’s music? Are you here for it? Let me know in the comments below!

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