SZA’s Memorable Performance

Yesterday I was more than ready experience the wave of my life. I spent about 1.5 hours on my makeup, perfecting some sort of mermaid metallic eyeshadow with a matching lip. I even put on a SZA inspired outfit and listened to Ravyn Lanae all day. She was who I was most excited to see by far, I won’t even lie.
Originally the concert was supposed to be held at “The Underground” in the Music Factory. That venue sold out so quickly that they had to switch up and move to the Filmore. I could have predicted that much, but even after moving to the neighboring spot, it was still completely sold out. So much so that no one was even selling tickets on the street!

It isn’t surprising though. Ravyn Lanae, Smino, and SZA are all amazing artists. They are definitely all in my top 5 when it comes to favorite artists in this genre of music. So much so that I have written articles on all three. (Click links)

Anyways, starting with the worst part of the evening, I missed Ravyn’s performance! I got there at 8:20 I knew I was good when I arrived. They just had two people on stage, the lights were on, I walked to the bathroom, everything was moving smoothly. Then out came Smino. His performance was more than I could have asked for, but exactly what I needed. After his show, I was vibing with my peers around me talking about how I can’t wait for Ravyn Lanae. As I was telling this chick she is my favorite out of the three, this guy turned around and said: “she performed about an hour ago.”

Immediately my dreams of the entire concert were muted. The fact that I missed her honestly stayed on my mind throughout the entire concert. I watched all of her music videos again beforehand just wondering how she would be live and to think I missed her was disheartening. I know all of her songs, some more than others, but every song none the less and that was about to be the highlight of my night and every concert I’ve been to this year. Let me digress though, I just had to express my feelings about that loss, before diving into the amazing performances by both Smino and the headliner, SZA.

If you have been to the Fillmore, then you know that when it’s sold out, there aren’t too many good places to stand unless you get there early. I opted to stand on the ground level on my tip toes for the evening and that was fine with me.

The most impressive part of the evening was that everyone on the tour can really sing. Like really really! Smino and SZA both had a full band and performed right on mark for a concert in this venue. Although Smino is the artist I was least familiar with, I have heard most of his music and I loved the way he made the song his own in this live setting, not necessarily following the exact flow of the digital version. His drummer had a little solo, Smino rocked out, and he used every inch of the stage; wonderful set.

Next came the lady of the night, SZA. Right before she came out, a girl asked me, “what do you think SZA is doing right now?” I told her, “Probably chilling, or smoking. She is about to come out here and be herself.” That is exactly what she did. No extra shit, just her, vibing and giving us her art, that she made for herself, which relates so deeply to so many.

As far as her performance goes, DAMN!!! Like I said before, this girl can sang! I was more than impressed by her range, beautiful adlibs and freestyling. She spoke to us like we were her homies, kept it honest, and even handed out waters at one point. I have so much respect for this chick and this show solidified that feeling. At the end, before retreating, SZA even got on the roof of her bus with a megaphone spoke to her fans one more time. Watching her the whole night was inspiring. It felt good to see someone being free within themselves doing what they love.

I know that I will for sure see her live again, along with Smino, and I WILL SEE RAVYN LANAE EVEN SOONER! Their next show isn’t until December 8th, in Norfolk, VA. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go to that one just for her. This time I’d get there 20 mins before the doors even open!

Did any of you go to the concert here in Charlotte? Let me know if you did in the comments and check out my articles about each of these individual artists!

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