Jessie Reyez 

Music always seems to find me in times where I really need it. I mean Katy Perry came into my life with perfect timing during my early high school years and Gucci slid in strong when I thought I was out here “doing something.” (His Music always comes in clutch.)  When I felt upbeat and introspective, I found Taylor Bennet. Music always can be used as a form of therapy, a channel into another’s thoughts and emotions.

With that being said, I met the soulful tunes of Jessie Reyez not only in a moment of similar feelings but relative life in general. It’s not hard relating to her words. Not only is she lyrically all there, but her bad ass attitude mixed with her strong, passionate voice completes the entire package.

She may be from out the country, but she is making waves in the states. Scroll down to get more familiar with her work now and let me know what you think about her in the comments.

Age: 26

From: Toronto, Canada

Label: FMLY

EP Discography: Kiddo (April 2017)
Favorite Song: Every Song. But, since I have to choose, I’ll pick…. the whole damn EP. I added three songs below for you to listen.


This song goes out to my last ex… “Figures…. I gave you my all and you gave me shit.” Yes, I will probably remain salty for a while… But so what?!

Shutter Island

Stuck in a tank and questioning relationships of her past, this song is one of my favorite’s because my straight jacket is indeed “custom made.”

Phone Calls

This is her latest song dropped on October 12th. Hopefully, that means a new project is in the works!


Favorite Video:

Great One: A tribute to family and her Columbian heritage.

Why I Love Her Music: Plainly put, she is just real and I love it! Her music speaks to my entire life she is unfiltered and what I love most, she is just herself and changed for no one. Take her Song “Gatekeeper” for instance. She says what many are afraid to stress in this industry, even the short film that goes with it brings to light the darker aspects of life as an entertainer.


After hearing a good selection of her tunes, I am sure you enjoyed it, but let me know how you really feel below in the comments.

If there are any artists you think deserve a feature, submit them to!

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