This artist may not have a lengthy resume of music, but he sure is talented and has been putting in some work for a while. Interning for Complex and in this year’s freshman class Aminé has been in different aspects of the industry for a while now. Not only that, but he also directs his own videos as well.

His single “Caroline”, released April 2016, went triple platinum the following year June 2017. He has been on the rise ever since. That is why I am here now, writing a little tribute article, to let you guys know a little more about this artist and familiarize you with his sound, because he is on the come up.

So check out some of his stuff below, and let me know what you think of him in the comments below.

Age: 23

Born: Portland, Oregon

Label: Republic; They also represent Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few.



Odyssey to Me (Jan 2014)

Calling Brió (Aug. 2015)


En Vogue (Sept. 2014)

Debut Album:

Good For You (July 2017)

Shortly after being dubbed an XXL Freshman, he released his debut album. I dropped a little video below of him in a grocery store performing Turf, one of the tracks from the project.


Trending Video:

“Caroline,” viewed over 200 million times and his album’s lead single, was his first released video. My favorite parts are the random bananas and overall chill aesthetic they brought to the screen. This video is dope and, unsurprisingly, directed by Aminé himself.



My Favorite Video:

Well, he only has three videos out right now, so it isn’t really hard to narrow things down. I really enjoy his latest video and song, Spice Girl.” In general, Aminé is just a creative soul, it seems. You can tell by his lyrical creativity and epic visuals.


Considering he has only three videos out right now, I figured I would post all 3. “REDMERCEDES” is the second video he released and as I stated earlier, he directed this one as well.

Clearly, you can see Aminé’s talented is well rounded, if you didn’t already know. So, now that you’ve heard a few of his tracks and witnessed his self directed videos, what is your opinion on his music, visuals, his artistry as a total package?

Let me know in the comments below!


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