Hopsin is an artist I am just now getting on, but when I posted a recent video of his, many of you had already been hip. I think one of the main reasons I rock with Hop’s music is because it isn’t mindless as the rest of the stuff out there, but I also think that’s why I hadn’t heard of him much either. These days if it isn’t about xanax or percocets, it just doesn’t get recognized as quality music.

After listening to some of his music I can hear the influence of Eminem in his voice, but the differences between the two are noticeable as well. I really rock with Hopsin’s dedication to a sober lifestyle a remaining true to himself, all the while, chasing his dreams and aspirations. Hopsin’s music is fresh and unique, so, if you guys are in the mood for something new; read below, watch the videos, and learn something about this Cali born artist.

Age: 32

Born: Los Angeles, California

Label: 300 Entertainment (distribution), Undercover Prodigy

Other Talents: Acting, Producing, Directing

Interesting Fact: If Hopsin’s face looks a little familiar, there’s good reason. Hopsin has been cast in a few Disney productions as an extra and snagged a minor role on That’s So Raven for a few years too!

Most Recent Video: 

“Witch Doctor”

Hopsin has released a few new videos this year, but previous to that, his work has been a bit scarce. Here is a video he dropped the 1st of November, but there is surely more to come as the year comes to an end.

First Video Released:

“Pans In The Kitchen”

Dropped close to 9 years ago, here is some of Hopsin’s original work.


Favorite Song:

“Gimme That Money”

Straight from his 2013 album, Knock Madness, and Eminem-esk with the graphic story telling, this song is on my list of faves. Not only is this song fun, but oh-so-true. Tell me ya’ll haven’t dealt with this before!





-Haywire (June ’09)


-Gazing at the Moonlight (Oct ’09)

-Raw (Nov ’10)

-Knock Madness (Nov ’13)

-Pound Syndrome (July ’15)


Hopsin has been in the game for a minute and signed to a few labels throughout the years, but in my opinion, didn’t quite make a solid name in hip hop. That has all seemed to change this year though. He has pushed out new work, signed a distribution deal with 300 entertainment, and is due to release his fifth studio on November 24th!

Hopefully, after watching and listening to his work, you have a well-rounded opinion on this white eyed rapper. Whether you like him or not though, I want to know what you think! So, take a moment, hit that comment section, and give me your thoughts.

For more artist reviews, check in EVERY Tuesday. You can read about last week’s artist here!

Also, in the name of Throwback Thursday’s each week I am adding a good ol’ throwback video to the site. So, click the link here for a throwback into the good old days!

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