Bhad Bhabie “Mama Don’t Worry”

If you guys know me, then you know that even hearing the mention of this girl can irk me, music wise. I really wanted to understand why we were even giving this girl any shine. I can’t lie though, after watching this video, I softened up a bit for her.

She is 14 and although her voice is aggy, she is ratchet af, and just a general cramp in my talent craving vibe, she left a mark with her latest song. Not only did she open up a bit, letting us get to know her more as an artist, but the song was actually pretty good.

After watching this video, I decided to even replay an old video I had already seen. It still sucked, but after watching this video, I am kind of rooting for her.

What do you guys think about the industry opening up to let this young new artist in?


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