The New Year Is Coming and So Is Change

This article is unlike the many others I have posted to the site. Usually, I am uplifting a new artist, reviewing a recent album, or posting dope visuals I think everyone needs to check out. I have always loved rap and leaned pretty far away from R&B. Slow jams never really did it for me. I am a “hard” soul, or at least I tell myself that, and I don’t like love songs. I almost used to pride myself on only listening “real” shit, being that girl screaming “eff dudesss, get moneyyyy,” thinking R&B was only for the soft-hearted.

While I was “young, dumb, and broke,” music with brain numbing, drug worshiping words spoke to me. I liked singing along to music with draining content. It was applicable to my current state of mind and I couldn’t get enough. It even added to the negative thoughts I were already having daily.

Or, maybe it’s a little different. Maybe you were sweet your whole lives and then BOOM; Tiffany brakes your heart and it’s time to cancel any Bryson Tiller song you’ve ever heard. You dive into a little PnB Rock, with lyrics full of non-commitment and no-strings sex, and that’s all it takes to make things feel a bit better and start the chain situationships.

Well, as most of us know, you change with age. Time goes by, feelings switch up, you become a new person inside, and therefore, your musical taste buds evolve as well. That’s why, now, I have been feeling on the edge when it comes to creating more content. I find myself not wanting to listen to the new 21 Savage album and searching for something more emotionally filling.

Maybe it’s age, maybe just inner growth, but either way I can sense it’s time for a change. Therefore, you all will be seeing a bit of some new stuff on my site. Of course, I can’t erase the inner tough girl who is grinding for hers, so there will be a healthy mix of music from different genres and artists, but it’s come time for a change and I am glad to be able to step out of my comfort zone and start with something new.

Be on the lookout for new articles, new videos, and an overall switch up on the site. I am sure some of you already noticed the theme change, but there is so much more to come! Let’s start this new year right with a major change and quality music.

Are you guys excited about the change? Tell me something you think my site is missing in the comments and maybe you’ll see it added to the site.


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