Artist Profile: H.E.R.

Well, I have been listening to this artist for a while now. She brings me back every time I hear her, thinking of past loves and heartbreaks. Her real and raw lyricism sinks into your soul rooting itself inside of you with passion. H.E.R.’s voice is entrancing and on top of that, H.E.R. projects are so short and sweet that you have no choice but to keep coming back for more.

Considering she is a bit on the secretive side, you can not find many pictures of H.E.R., but word on the street is that she has been uncovered. Although she nor her team has confirmed or denied her true identity, she is linked to Gabi Wilson, a child prodigy. If you check the pictures below, you can definitely make the connection, but either way, her music deserves to be heard by the masses. So, keep scrolling and listen up!

Age: 20

Born: Cali

Label: RCA Records

Genre: Alternative Rnb

Album Discography:

-H.E.R. (2017)

(Since coming more into the spotlight H.E.R.’s two projects have been fused to one on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify plus 6 additional bonus songs.)

EP Discography:

-H.E.R. Vol. 1 (2016)

-H.E.R. Vol. 2 (2017)

Why Doesn’t She Show H.E.R. Face?

H.E.R., which stands for “Having Everything Revealed,” commented in an interview with the LA Times, she said, “Whether you know who I am or not, you don’t really know who I am.” She wants to make music for what it is. She has built a persona for who she was at the time she created this music.

Latest Visual

Last week H.E.R. dropped a smooth video for one of her most popular tracks on the album, “Avenue.” Of course, H.E.R. didn’t show face, but that only adds to the mystique of what she’s got going on for “H.E.R.”self. The visual shows her driving down around the city before heading to her lover’s crib, but deciding to pull off before even going inside.

If you’ve heard the song, you know she is talking to her lover who is trying to flip the script on her. I am pretty sure in some way we can all relate to that one person who was always cheating, yet all the time accusing you of being the one.

“H.E.R.” Short Film

This 10-minute short film is a great way to get to know H.E.R. in one perfect compilation. Not only is it great music, but the entire storyline is dope. Directed by Sean Frank, we follow 5 couples through their relationships and at least for me, ignites flashbacks of moments from the past.

Check the film out below, it is worth every minute!

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