Artist Profile: KYLE

Age: 24

Born: California

Label: Atlantic Records


One of the most well rounded of last year’s freshman class, KYLE, is a personal favorite from XXL’s chosen list. He has been making music for years, but most recently came to light last year with “iSpy,” his biggest hit featuring Lil Yatchy.

Although I am sure most of you have heard his more popular music. I compiled some of his work below so you can get to know him and his talent a bit more. He is versatile and has been that way since starting as K.i.D. and through his 8-year transition into who we know today as KYLE.

Check out his music and videos below and let me know in the comments what you think? Are you a fan or is he a flop?

Trending Video: Kyle has been in the game for a while, but made a strong impact last year with his hit single, “ISpy.” It is clearly his most well-known song after going 3x platinum and has racked up over 162 million views. Although this is one of his more popular songs, I figured this is a great first impression for him as a new artist.


Favorite Video: This one is hard and quite honestly, he has a few videos that could slide in this spot on any given day, but this Sandlotesk video gave me flashbacks of childhood memories (Yes, I used to get down and dirty with the guys. I just preferred football to baseball.) Therefore, I told myself, “Pick this one, pick this one!!! People will love it!” During this video (shot in 2012) KYLE still raps under his original moniker, K.i.D. What do you think of his old work?

Catchiest Hook (Besides iSpy): I am just really rocking with this whole vibe, but I have two questions… Was he sponsored by Patron for this video and Why are the girls dancing in reindeer gear?

Anyways… If you can answer those questions, please do, but before that, you gotta check out the video first!


Favorite Verse:

“I always felt awesome

I always knew nothing could stop me

Even after dinner was ramen, ramen, and ramen

I always knew nothing could top me.

I’m good.”

As I considered how to switch it up and make things a little different I decided to post my favorite line. It comes from a song that KYLE is featured on, ‘Favorite Colors’ by Taylor Bennet, but still stood out as hard-hitting, soul-touching verse. Maybe it’s because of all the noodles I’ve had in the past…

For me, KYLE speaks to the part of me that is unapologetically myself. He doesn’t conform to the average expectations of a rapper and stands out as an advocate of self-expression. With more than 8 years under his belt in the industry and talent to boot, he deserves the recognition he has been gaining in this past year alone.

What do you think of KYLE’s work? Is it worth diving deeper and checking out some more music on your own? Let me know in the comments below!

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