Artist Profile: Yung Bizzle

This Charlotte rapper may not have been born here, but might as well had been. I have been listening to Bizzle’s music since high school. If you are from the city like I am, you’ve probably already heard of him, but if not, that’s why I am here. I know once you listen to his work you’ll notice two things stand out: his sound and the realness of what he has to say. YB deserves support from the city because he has been grinding and putting in dues for a while now.

Check out his work below and leave your thoughts in the comments. You can expect to see some more Charlotte artists popping up on here real soon. It’s time the city helps put each other on.

Age: 25

Born: Philly

Raised: Charlotte, NC

Label: Unsigned

Fun Fact You May Not Know: YB actually has aspirations further than just the rap game. He also looks forward towards getting into more acting and even writing scripts in the future.

Mixtape Discography:

Street Monopoly (2014)

Ghetto Gospel 1 (2015)

No Middle Man


Ghetto Gospel 2 (Sept 2017)

Favorite Hook: If this hook isn’t stuck in my head at this point, I don’t know what is. Bizzle dropped this two years ago, but I am still stuck on it today. Of course, when you are saying the hook repetitively, it does that to you. YB just knows how to do it without trying too hard or becoming annoying, making you want to listen all the way through and shiii maybe even twice!

Most Memorable Video: As you already know, we are both from Charlotte. Considering that, it’s pretty predictable that I’d be featured in one of his videos right? Well, you guessed correctly… Watch below to check out a YB throwback which very well might be the first video I was ever featured in.

Hot New Track: This isn’t my overall favorite song, but it’s hard to choose when the whole mixtape is bumpin’. This track I just keep going back to. There isn’t a video for it yet, but you can hear the whole project on youtube, here, and for now, check out my favorite below. Just over 2 minutes, it is short, catchy, and a perfect addition to his resume.

Favorite Feature: This song knocked all over Charlotte for a minute and still does to this day. Watch below and really listen up when Bizzle starts spitting. He definitely has some of my favorite bars off this track. Watch below and catch a few a Charlotte’s best artists all in one video.

After you listened to and watched some of Bizzle’s videos, what do you think of him as an artist? Is he worth adding to your playlist or are you skipping over his tracks? I know I already got his work downloaded as we speak, plus some tracks that haven’t even dropped yet!

Stay tuned for more updates on this local Charlotte artist and more!

If you have an artist you would like to see featured, email:

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