J. Dot Interview

Last week when I came back from SXSW in Austin, Texas, I came back with a slew of new music to listen to. Of course, some were good, others not so good, but most importantly a lot of the tracks I️ heard were well rounded, versatile songs that brought back my hope for the talent I️ thought was lost on these new artists.
Since I ran across so much talent from so many places, it made it difficult to narrow down which artists to feature on my site, but J. Dot was an easy choice. Not only did he spend some years in Charlotte, which is a huge check mark to why he is featured, but his music is on another level of real. J. Dot has a sound unique to himself with a message that resonates with many, making him not only versatile but a breath of fresh air in this industry.
When I️ write these “artist reviews,” the goal is for you all to better know each person and the wonderful music they create. Since only my opinion can’t solely speak for each artist, I’ve decided to incorporate interviews along with my favorite works on their resume. Keep scrolling down to learn what I️ think is the best representation of J. Dot and then get more personal below as he answers some of my questions.
Age:  John “J.Dot” Moore
BornJan 5th
Raised:  Raised  in Dayton OH and Charlotte NC
Zodiac: Capricorns all day Probably the best sign on the calendar
Twitter:  @therealj_dot
Snapchat: @jhn365
Instagram:  @therealj.dot
Favorite Track:  So let me start by saying this decision is a rough one. I honestly like close to every song on J. Dot’s latest release, “The Takeover.” Although there are a few tracks I want to recognize, I am going to keep it simple, which is pretty hard for me to do. I chose “R2R,” the opener of his album, as my favorite song because not only is it a strong start for his project, but this is one of his most real tracks on there in my opinion. I can listen to this song a few times over and hear a new dope line each go around. He switches up his flow a couple times during the 2 minutes and 30 seconds and the beat only adds to the fast-paced ode to real hip-hop. Wow, after writing those couple sentences, I like the track even more.
Potential Radio Hit: To switch things up and shed light on a single not featured on “The Takeover” I chose to add a “radio hit” category.  “Right Back,” which features his groupmate F0urr, is not only a close runner up to my favorite song, but an amazing fusion of summertime vibes, hip-hop, and catchy lyrics making it a perfect radio hit that makes you want to dance the day away. Although there isn’t a video out for it yet, I pray it’s coming soon and hopefully drops by summer….? (Hint, hint J. Dot. Drop that ish!) I hope to hear this on air soon!
Latest Video: Check out J. Dot’s latest video for one of his fan-favorite songs, “Animal Kingdom.” Looks as if it was shot in Atlanta and it features 2 of his other 3 group mates!
1. So for those of us just getting to know you, tell us a little about yourself.
 I’m real laid back super chill, lol, but a beast in that booth and on that basketball court it’s like I’m a complete different person! But other than that I’m a gentleman with a crazy drive, trying to put on for my fam. Also, I’m definitely involved in giving back, so even if I’m in a different city always looking to network and help the people who are in need cause I been there at one point. If you get a platform and don’t give back you selfish in my eyes.
2. What put the fire under you to get started in music?
Crazy part is I’ve been doing some type of music since I can remember, but the fire to grace the Mic came from my story and what I been through. Its crazy cause at first everybody I knew doubted me now they be the first ones checking in. I also gotta say I mean it was always a passion to be able to make people feel my words so when the chance presented itself I took the opportunity.
3.When we met during SXSW this year you rolled through with 3 other artists. Tell me more about the group you are in.
4 BROTHERS!!!! Man it’s crazy everybody always asked how we came about, honestly, I met F0urr and Knawvalez years ago when I was a young buck and we instantly was like fam. I always tell people I remember I wanted to be down so bad and they was honest told me I wasn’t ready and looking back I wasn’t at all but then everything aligned to circle back around. Then, off that, I told them my brother sing Mr. RJ Smile Alot (RJNotez) and we all got together the first night and made “No Cap Remix” and other songs and just connected from there its history. We make music from house, club, urban, hip-hop, and r&b. We just try to break every market with creative sounds, but that’s been my mission from day one anyway!
4. What is one thing that you bring to the group that nobody does?
Man, I bring it all lol. But honestly I’m the computer/Brains behind the brothers as far as engineering, sounds, social media links and opportunities, I’m always working! Always traveling and networking.
5. If we were to only listen to one track from your album, what should it be and why?
Here come the hard questions lol well I get three tracks! Off my freshman album “The Takeover” I would say ehhhhhh “Animal Kingdom” Or “WYD”. Off the 4 Brothers Project, “Costra Nostra”, it’s just a boss track. You play that on some Jefe ish. And off my untitled upcoming project, I’d say “Right back” featuring F0urr.
6. Are you in this game for the fame or fortune?
A little of Both. Mostly fortune just wanna make sure my fam (my kids) are good and straight; get everything I didn’t have as a kid. But, I say fame for the accolades. For people to know me as J.dot, that made a timeless record or got a grammy. But I’m not changing me or my style to get accolades at all, so the fames is hit or miss.
7.What message do you hope to get across with your music?
That you can express anything over an 808 or keyboard and make people feel you, you may even help them through a situation. Hell, you may even help them turn up for that birthday or bachelor party, lol. But that’s how I want to be, able to have my music played in every aspect of life.
8. Who or what inspires you most?
My Daughter!!! Alaiya. Not to say she the most important, but she definitely got me focused and on my job because before her, I didn’t care about much and she made me realize I can’t be out here doing whatever, she need me.
9. What is coming up for you next?
Next things coming are 4 Brothers project, maybe an EP or sophomore album, more singles and visuals/videos. Maybe even some more interviews with you, lol.
10. Random question of the day, what are your top 3 favorite smells?
Top three smells gotta be:
Chanel perfume. Love that scent.
That new car/new shoe smell, lol.
and Krispy Kreme when that hot sign on, haha.
11. Do you have any final words before we wrap this up?
Thanks for catchin’ up with the boy. Go check me out on any streaming platform and follow the boy on IG, Snap, and Twitter ayyyyyy!!!!!

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