Doll SZN: Asian Doll [Album Review]

I have really been on these female artists lately. Ravyn Lanae, H.E.R., Jessie Reyez, Kimayah, Cardi B, and the list goes on. As females, we out here heavy in these music streets and it’s our fellow woman’s duty to support each other. That is why I am here, to throw HELLA SHINE on Asian Doll; one of the hottest upcoming female rappers in the game.

She has been out here for a minute now and has even received nods from the rap queen herself, Nicki Minaj; whom Asian speaks very highly of. According to her, that’s where she got her inspo to rap, and these other rap chicks need to pay respect to her as well. She addresses her appreciation of Nicki, the haters, her come up, and more on Doll SZN, her 6th album.

Actually, it’s crazy because I have interviewed Asian Doll once on a quick tip. I am going to search for the interview and add it to this piece at the bottom when I find it. But for now, out of full support of this chicks movement, keep scrolling for a detailed review of her album.

Her Sound

Although I interviewed Asian Doll, this is actually the first time I have gone out my way to hear her music. It’s crazy because on some of these tracks I get a major Uzi Vert, weird rockstar vibes, which she definitely portrays with her image. Yet, she brings her own style to the table and stands out in a world full of so many sheep. Obviously, she knows she can hold her own too. All six of her albums are sans features, purposefully showcasing her talent alone.

Doll SZN Intro

Okayyyy, Asian Doll we hear you girl!!! This outspoken artist came out strong with her Doll SZN Intro. Calling out her fellow hating female rappers, rising above judgments in this industry, acknowledging Nicki as one of the greatest, and then wrapping it up with a recording of Nicki’s mention of her. She made a major statement with this track and immediately captured my attention.

Tracks That Stand Out


Why does this song stand out to me?

Cause ya girl is definitely out here trying to focus on her career and I feel like dudes be trying and… “wanna f*ck me boy get out!” Truly, she goes HARD on this hook!!!

“Met that nigga yesterday, I really want his friend
Niggas dumb as fuck yeah anyways, addicted to that lean
Whip that cash out, now my ass out, Louis V that’s on my sleeve
Whip that cash out, now my ass out, Louis V that’s on my sleeve
Wanna fuck me for my clout?
Wanna fuck me cause I’m out?
Wanna fuck me? Boy get out!
Wanna fuck me? Word to mouth
Wanna fuck me for my clout?
Wanna fuck me cause I’m out?
Wanna fuck me? Boy get out!
Wanna fuck me? Word to mouth”




Arm Froze:

I wish I could do a write up on each song, but that’s a bit OD. Nne the less, here is when the Uzi Vert reference comes into play. The beat reminds me of something off of “Luv Is Rage 2” mixed with a classic Travis Scott vibe. The song proves she can switch up her flow, but still produce a hit. I’ll be anxious to see if she releases a video for this song because I can really see some drippy visuals coming from this way.

Queen Of Nightmares:

Is it just me or does this seem Meekish?

Either way, I am rocking with this song. She boldly tells her story and that’s the kind of songs I vibe out to the most. When she said:

“Believe all of what you see and half word of mouth
Cause I done caught a few bodies like I’m working out
And I ain’t out here fucking all the rap niggas
I hit the block, middle school, it was a wrap nigga”

That verse hit me. I felt that and I appreciated it even more. This song proves she is real and keeps it honest. Who can hate on that?

(Honorable mention to the next song on her tracklist, “Crunch Time;” another ode to self and who she is.)

Music Video

The only track off this project with a visual is “Savage Barbie.” Although this was not my favorite track when I heard the album, I enjoyed it much more when paired with the video. From her multiple outfit changes to just being her absolute self, she put on a show and I can definitely see Nicki’s influence on her artistry. Check it out below, she is a rockstar!


Are you wanting to hear some quality music from some actual talent? Look no further. Doll SZN has no features on a 40 min tracklist with 13 songs and almost everyone goes hard PERIOD. If you enjoy female rappers, lyrics with no cap, and beats to get you through the day, this is for you.

What do you guys think of her music?

*Sidenote: You wanna see her live? She is currently on tour.

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