Billboard Performance Recap

The 2018 Billboard Awards was epic this year. Between the Kelly Clarkson’s opening mash up to Janet Jackson’s history-making performance and honor of the Icon award, there was a lot you missed if you didn’t tune in. Luckily that’s why I’m here, to give you all the highlights from the BBMA’s while you were watching the Warriors trump the Rockets.

Being that queenly things should always come first, it only makes sense to address the fact the BIG history was made last night. After Janet finished her grand show of “Nasty,” “If,” and “Throb,” she was greeted by Bruno with the highest honor of the evening, the Icon award! Aside from the fact that this award is highly coveted, Janet winning made her the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to receive esteemed acknowledgment!!



She used her moment to address discrimination and call everyone to “turn back to the source of all calmness… God.”  She, of course, thanked all her fans and then ended giving praise to the One up above. Last night, Janet inspired not only women but everyone with her heartfelt speech, leaving lost lasting sentiments on the stage.


No one could have asked for a better opening performance by Kelly Clarkson. Starting with Maren Morris “My Church” and seamlessly transitioning into Sam Smith’s “Way Too Good At Goodbyes,” Kelly eased her way into probably one of my favorite parts of the evening. She didn’t shy away from any genres, tackling Kendrick’s “Humble,” and hits from Bruno, Khalid, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how great it was, she changed 8 times!!!!

She didn’t only use her position as host to entertain us though. Before bringing us into the night, Clarkson made sure to address yet another school shooting which happened earlier this week in Texas. She tearfully urged us to not only lend our prayers in this dark time but also join together in a moment of action to make a real change!


Moving on to things of a lighter nature, the rest of the night was exciting and had your eyes looking in every direction.

Below I’ve picked out the seven acts that stood out the most. Check it out and let me know who was your favorite in the comments below!


Janet Jackson The fact that Janet’s performance was so high strung is no surprise. She made it to the top of my list for her memorable mash-up of “Nasty,” “If,” and “Throb,” along with her energy and dancing on stage.



BTS- I actually don’t know any of this groups music, but that doesn’t make me blind to their international recognition. The crowd went wild and the screaming was so loud, people may have gone deaf in the crowd. Therefore, they sliding in that second spot.

Kelly Clarkson- Honestly these top three performances are so tight that I don’t even feel right putting Kelly in third place. She opened up and set the tone for a night to remember. If you read what I wrote up above, you know why I fell in love with this act. You can watch a recap of her performance below.


J Lo- J Lo and Khaled come in at number four for me because I am addicted to their new track “Dinero” which features Cardi B. Cardi was absent from the stage, but that didn’t take away from J Lo putting on one of the best shows of the evening.


Camila Cabello & Pharrell- Again, right now I am into Latin music, so this stood out to me. “Sangria Wine” is a new collab with these two, but hopefully not the last. I am always impressed whenever Camila hits the stage and this time was no different.


Shawn Mendes & Khalid- I loved the vulnerability of Shawn’s both songs from his performance. He performed “Youth” as well alongside Khalid and a choir from Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a school that has also fallen victim to gun violence.nBoth shed light on major societal issues and for that, made it to the top of my list.



Let me know what your favorite performance moments are in the comments below!! Until next time!!!

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