Ever since Jay Rock’s appearance on the Black Panther soundtrack, I have been a fan of his music. I think he brings a real “I am gonna be myself” vibe and I can respect that no matter who you are and what you do.

When he dropped his latest single “WIN” I immediately fell in love with it. How can you not like an empowering song like this?! Not only does Jay say all the right things, but along with the delivery and now the visual, I have somehow found the ability to fall into even deeper appreciation!

Directed by Dave Meyers and Dave Free with the addition of Kendrick in the video, the creativity level was on one. From duck hunting to foursomes and football games, this video leaves you far from overwhelmed, but fully satisfied; a creative rush. It does seem as if a bit of inspiration is coming from Kendrick’s “Humble” video, but that is no surprise considering he is a TDE member himself, and greatness is greatness; period.

This single is straight from his upcoming album “Redemption” which is dropping 6/15. Who is ready?

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