Kanye West’s “Ye” [Album Review]

Ye has been heavy in the headlines lately. Between his political dramas to the slew of new releases coming from his label G.O.O.D. Music, his moves aren’t easily missed.

Previous to dropping his album, Desiiger and Pusha T each released albums one week apart, respectively; and being the label head himself, Ye executively produced both projects as well as the later released, KIDS SEE GHOSTS, a joint work with Kid Cudi and Nas’ album which was released last week.

But before writing an overall review on all of the G.O.O.D. Music projects, I wanted to give some special attention to “Ye,” his self-titled project and 8 studio album.

Aside from the fact that I always love a short and impactful album, I loved the overall production.

Of course, Ye is expected to come a little different compared to his peers, but with this project, I thoroughly enjoyed his honesty, poetic lyricism, and ability to not fall in line with what is expected.

Since the tracklist is so short, I’ve done a mini review on each song.




I Thought About Killing You(Intro)- This intro spews poetic self-reflection. It is healing.

Taking the first 2:20sec for spoken word, he stays in line with the common theme of mental health touching on his own suicidal thoughts.

My favorite line “See if I was trying to relate it to more people, I’d probably say I am struggling loving myslef because that seems like a common theme, but that’s not the case here. I love myself way more than I love you.”

Yikes- Picking up the tempo, Ye uses this track to talk about even more mental illness. He addresses taking meds, being bi-polar, and even calls it his superpower. I am here for it, I am a little crazy myself.

All Mine- My absolute favorite track on this project is right here. His wordplay takes flight!

The hook itself locked me in, but overall his bars just go crazy; and with the addition of the beat and his ever-changing flow, this track is the perfect piece to his 7 track puzzle.

Most catchy line: “Let me hit it raw, like fuck the outcome. None of us would be here without cum.”

Kanye has no chill, but we already know that.

Wouldn’t leave- Addressing his “Slavery is a choice” comment and giving tribute to his wife, Kim, for not leaving during some of his lowest times, Ye uses this track as an expression of love and being misunderstood. Party Next Door makes his first appearance on this track and comes back two tracks later.

No Mistakes- This is actually the shortest track on the album coming in at 2:03. It almost feels congratulatory of his family, friends, and all their mutual successes as well as a reflection of the past year. Short, sweet, simple, and a perfect middle piece to the album.

Ghost Town- This is the second longest track after the intro. I thoroughly enjoy how Kanye can make music we might not often listen to, but as he produces each track, it’s as if he is painting a masterpiece and we can’t look away. I love every part of this song including the PND feature.

Violent Crimes- Who doesn’t love when Kanye incorporates almost gospel-like singing in his music? One of the most heartfelt tracks on the album, Ye speaks on his worries as a father and how having his daughters has changed him as a man. Saying things we all as parents feel, this track really hit home for me.

At the end Kanye adds a message from Nicki Minaj, “I’m saying it like, I want a daughter like Nicki. Awe, man I promise. Ima turn her to a monster, but no menages. I don’t know how you say it, but let him hear this.” The perfect end to a perfect album.


My Final Thoughts

This project is a breath of fresh air, which I greatly appreciated on my Birthday, it’s release date, June 1st. I’ve listened to this album so many times I almost know every word. But, I can say the same about the Nas and Pusha T album as well.

The fact that it is only 7 tracks and almost all of them are under four minutes makes “Ye,” digestible and the perfect addition to your ride home from work.

How do you guys feel about “Ye?”

Get chatty in the comments!


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