Queen’s Choice: Maliibu Miitch

Ever since my girl Yyeli turned me onto Miitch, I’ve been a fan of her whole persona. She doesn’t only have bars but has a sound so unique to herself that you can’t help but stick around for more.

Considering she’s been blessing my playlists for so long, it’s only due time to shine some more light on the Bronx artist.

Now, recognized by Pitch Fork and XXL Magazine, she is catching more eyes and ears than ever.

Yet, I feel like more of us need to hear her music, so keep scrolling for her best tracks and videos, plus a fun fact or two.

Age: 27

Location: Bronx

Fun Fact: 

-Once part of the girl pop duo, Helene & Miitch, Maliibu has grown into her own since separating and starting her solo journey.

-She is currently on her first tour with Rico Nasty. With 25 dates across the nation, that’s a pretty big deal.

Latest Video:

“Give Her Some Money”

For this song, she hits the strip club for a performance which makes sense considering the song. It is definitely perfect to bang at the club, if I heard this drop while working at Club One, you’d catch me twerking up and down the aisle in VIP.

This song gets me ready to attack my whole day before I even hop out of bed and is an essential part of my playlist.

Favorite Track:

“The Count”

This is one of the first songs I heard from Miitch. Major keys, especially for us women out here, but a couple of ya’ll men need to listen up too.

I love the simplicity of this video and the song. Short, bold, and to the point!

Favorite Feature:

“Bank” Qveen Herby ft. Monogem and Maliibu Miitch

First of all, Qveen Herby is another talented female artist that I don’t think gets the recognition she deserves, but I’ll save more on her for another time.

This song is one of my favorite songs she is featured on and although it doesn’t have an official video quite yet, I’ve added the song below and some the lyrics from Miitch’s part.

“Ain’t got no love for no fakes,

All of my bitches, they done what it takes

Ain’t got no love for no fuck n*gga

Ain’t got no love for no chump

Ain’t got no love for no hatin’ hoe

Point ’em out and let them know”

DJ Small Eyez Interview

Maliibu opens up about her perspective of female rappers in the current day. She keeps it real, as always. Check it out below and learn another side of Miitch.

If you’ve like what you heard, make sure to check out the rest of her music on any major platforms. (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud)

I’ll be back next Friday with another artist review!

Thanks for stopping by again!!!!

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