An Ode To My Inspiration; Londrelle

Most of you may not know this but I actually love to write songs and poetry which gave me the idea to make a compilation of spoken word and music to put out as my own artistic self-expression. (Soon come my loves..)

The only problem, as of late, I was feeling uninspired. Although I have been working hard, there are areas in my life which I’ve felt void and almost lost. It was hard for me to be in this place because I usually am a ball of light, energetic and ready to take on a new project. Yet I felt so creatively drained, I wasn’t producing nearly as much as I knew I was capable of. I found myself asking, what is the next move?

Recently, I have had many people pushing me in the direction to take on this new creative idea and put it into action. From strangers to work friends the input is exponential, but what brought me to the peak, the sure feeling that this is what I am actually going to do, was when I ran across a certain artist’s music, or better yet, artwork.

Londrelle, based in Atlanta, GA is a writer, a poet, an eternal soul which shines back down on us and leaves us elevated in spirit.

I fell upon his work on Apple Music as I scrolled through unknown territories and fell in love at first song.

“Beautiful Mess” is what caught my ear and ignited the fire within me to pursue what’s been on my heart for so long: expressing myself through my poetry and the message I want to leave behind on this earth. I listened to the whole project and was still left with an insatiable thirst for more of his work.

That’s what brought me to his audio version of “Eternal Sunshine,” a compilation of mantras, prayers, and poems that feed a certain part of the soul you never knew was unfulfilled. This is the project that whispered in my ear and told my spirit “It is time young grasshopper. It is time to spread your wings and your message of love, redemption, and positivity.”

Below I have shared a few favorite pieces, I hope you enjoy and take it upon yourselves to continue your journey through his moving expression of self.

My First Londrelle Song:

“A Beautiful Mess”

This song, it’s poetry and lyrics, sink in to help us remember that we all go through it and not only will we find a way out, but we must find a way to appreciate the rough moments of our process as well.

Best Feel Good Song:

“Yonce Knowles”

Catchy, upbeat, and full of that feel good energy that keeps you singing along, “Yonce Knowles” is a wonderful addition to Londrelle’s latest album, Sunflower Soul.

Song That Hits Home:

“How Many Times”

A song that once I heard it, it felt so familiar like my own heart wrote the lines. I am pretty sure all of us have been here and dealt with neglectful relationships and it seems as if we just keep revolving through the same door.

Favorite Poem:

I can’t truly put claim that any poem reigns over the other, each speaks to me like no other. But at this very moment, “Situations” is what resides in soul and currently relates to me most. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

If you guys appreciate Londrelle’s work as much as I do, make sure to go check out his work on Appple Music, cop his book on Amazon, as well as download his app, Eternal Sunshine.


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