6lack “East Atlanta Lover” [Review]

6lack dropped his freshman album, FREE 6lack, nearly 2 years ago, with popular songs like PRBLMS and Ex Calling. It was definitely going to be hard to follow up with something just as encapsulating after blazing a fire that strong, but we couldn’t wait to have more. Yet, now, after so much patience we can feel satisfied again by his sophomore album. Still 14 songs, but 11 minutes shorter 6lack has offered up more honesty this time around in his own unique blend of hip-hop and R&B.

The album is easily consumable and features fellow ATLiens, Offset and Future, along with Khalid and J. Cole. The artist choice on this was a perfect compliment to 6lack’s sound. Khalid’s addition to “Seasons” is absolutely beautiful. Somehow when these two get together they know how to blend their energies to transform where we are into something new. A smooth love ballad, a perfect ending to summer. Let me also say the ending of this song is a testimony of miscommunication, love, and expression…

He found a chart-topper with J.cole on “Pretty Little Fears” coming in at #5 on the overall top charts on Apple Music (USA) and #9 on their global charts. Pretty dope that after only 5 days out it has found a home there. This song isn’t my personal favorite, but it is definitely in my top 4 tracks on the album and much appreciated.

To touch on the other features, Future’s appearance on “East Atlanta Love Letter” wasn’t only a nod to his appreciation of 6lack’s music after his “Ex Calling” remix, but a notable part is that Future came on the track stepping into his world and said some things he might not usually say on his own, according to 6lack’s interview on Beats 1 Radio. Lastly, Offset showed up on “Balenciaga Challenge,” a fitting title for the artist, rapping about the classics: money, drugs, and bishes… who would expect more though? Overall, the song is hella solid though.

Enough about the overall though, below I am dropping my favorite track from the album and two videos, “Nonchalant,” released last month previous to the album, and “East Atlanta Love Letter” will drop on here @3 once he releases it later today!

Favorite Track:

“Loaded Gun” 

Immediately 6lack caught my attention when he started flowing on the track. Number 2 on the album, with “Loaded Gun” he keeps it real. It’s hard to describe it in any other way. From his line:

“No disrespect when I say, if you love me better fuck me
Like you ’bout to lose your place to the girl next door
And hell no, I don’t want her, I’m just giving you incentive
Inspiration before I go on these sold out tours”

To him saying:

“Don’t shit happen by chance over here
I pray to God and then I conquer my fears
Since then I done took care of my fam’
Took care of myself, took care of my health
And that ain’t no 360, that’s a 180…”

I felt the whole song…

I am not saying this album is perfect, but I am saying he is cutting it close to that perfect marker. Next on the tracklist is “East Atlanta Love Letter” too which is an amazing follow up for this track and probably my second favorite track on the album.


Another solid song as well as video. It’s not my favorite from the album just due to how much I played it previous to the project’s release, but I love the freedom portrayed in the visual. What do you guys think?

“East Atlanta Love Letter”

It is so hard to say this isn’t my favorite song. Can I pick two?! Hell, I PICK TWO! This and “Loaded Gun” are like they are meant to be side by side.


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