Nakala [Artist Of The Week]

It’s been a while since I’ve discovered someone so “undiscovered” on Apple Music. Honestly, I don’t even know how I ran into her. Was it a playlist or just happenstance? Only the music gods know…

Regardless though, before I knew how underground she was, she trapped me with her sultry tone and smooth voice; the epitome of what my ear searches for in music. She is warm, sensual, and relaxing. Her words bring me deeper into love, almost making me one with the universe. Of course, it was one specific song that got my attention, but today I decided to talk about her music as a whole.

Now, I have an interview Wednesday with her that I’m really excited about! (Are you reading this Nakala? Hey girrrlll!!!) During this interview I’ll talk about a few things, but I want you all to get acquainted with her music first!

Below are some essentials from her catalog of music. My top 5 songs; some stemming from her album Owe It To You, some singles. Usually I also add music videos, but since Nakala has yet to bless us with those, I’ve added the songs from her YouTube, so everyone can easily listen.

  1. Actor

Now is this #4 coming in disguise at #5? They are so close to me and both completely different. This track is actually not one of Nakala’s, but a track she was featured on. From Slow Clap, an EP by Ayelle, this song, “Actor,” goes out to every man out there that I’m sick of, which is all of y’all. (Hahahahaha.)

  1. Mango

Like I said, she makes me feel love radiate through my body and this song specifically does that. It’s a whole vibe, an ode to her falling in love along side her lover. Also, mango is my favorite fruit and I just think of my lover tasting like mango and… the song is below, this isn’t some erotica blog.

Babe you’re so tropical
Say where you wanna go
I’ve never felt in love
Until I felt your touch
Babe you’re so innocent
Tell me if what you meant was
You’re good to hold it down coz
You think you’ll stay around

  1. Oh Girl

Released yesterday, Nakala’s single Oh Girl takes a turn away from the lovey dovey feels I get from Owe It To You and dives into a more rough, sexual, bad ass vibe. With lyrics like the ones below, you get the tone she is going for. At the end I’m pretty sure she even says “if your girl wet, say Oh Girl.” Needless to say, this song gets me ready, but my #1 pick is what sends me straight over the edge.

“Oh Girl, if yo bitch really the shit

Tell her Oh Girl, if she thick and proud of it.”

  1. Do It Right

First of all, I love the muted radio sound this starts off with. A perfect flow into the track. I love it so much because I feel like she is singing about me in this song. I SWEAR! This is exactly what my boo be saying (minus the dance good part). Just replace 5’5 with 5’8 and brown eyes with green ones… THAT’S ME!!!

Ya 5’5, thick thighs, that big old ass and them light brown eyes
You dance good, bounce right, sing to me till the pale moonlight
It’s early in the morning and I still got you moaning
She said “why you get with girls who ain’t done this before?”
Looking at her now like “I don’t know!”

  1. Paris

At first I thought I liked this song the most because it was the first song I heard and I was being biased. Then I realized this is her best song, in my opinion, and it did indeed need to be #1 on my list. If I could put every lyric down right now I would. I even looked for a lyric video on YouTube to no avail.


I need y’all to know this!

Bonus Track:

She Interlude

I didn’t want this to count as a song because, well, it’s an interlude. Yet, her words, these are quite possibly the closest to how I feel right now in my lil situationship I’m in. I would breathe him in if I could and this song describes perfectly how his frequency invades my spirit when he is around.


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