Takeoff “The Last Rocket” [Review]

A few weeks after his uncle Quavo’s album release, Takeoff has now taken his own solo step into the spotlight with album The Last Rocket, leaving Offset as the last of the three to release a solo album. Rumors are it may drop before the end of 2018, but that is yet to be confirmed. The only thing we know for sure is Culture 3 is dropping 2019 and I am sure Offset won’t let everyone drop something without ending the year strong along with them.

For now, we only have two fresh projects though and in my opinion, the better is the one currently at hand, Takeoff’s. Although QUAVO HUNCHO was a solid effort, I appreciate Takeoff’s approach sans features, allowing us to focus solely on his talent. It is due time for the world to recognize his talents and strengths he offers to the group. Only 38 mins long, the project is easily consumable, allowing you to play the whole tracklist without skipping along and although some songs were better than others, each delivered a finesse which is expected from Takeoff but often overlooked. In my opinion, he is the most talented as far as his verses and delivery go.

Starting with my favorite track, Lead The Wave, let’s dive into this review!


Favorite Track: Lead The Wave

This song reminds me of BIG BRO off Quavo’s album, but 1000x better. I enjoy both because usually artists these days give nothing back to their fans except an infatuation of drugs and money, yet here Takeoff steers a bit away from the usual with more substance and guidance. He just has a certain vibe about him that keeps you listening. The way he blends with DJ Durel’s beat, but also even lyrically, this song is my favorite (for now) from the project. I have listened to it at least once a day since it dropped.


Runner Up Favorite: I Remember

As I said before, lyrically Takeoff is my favorite and he proves it here as he weaves through the track with ease and raps some of my favorite verses on the album. This is one of my favorites because it is so relatable; remembering where you came from. It is a perfect addition to the album especially being that it’s his first solo project, something to help us get to know him better which he accomplished with this song and many more.


Most “Different”: Infatuation

This song is surprising. From the slow beat to the singing to the fact that it is a love song. It seems as though Takeoff just dropped some sort of dedication track to a lover he is missing right now. Hmmm. He even says he tatted someone’s name on him… I wonder who this mystery, possible stripper, lady is?

Them material things, I don’t care about the fame (Nah)
I miss you so much that I went and tatted your name (Tatted)
Let me be your drug, tell me when you feel in pain (Where)
And you can be my stripper baby, no I ain’t ashamed


Catchiest Song: None To Me/Vacation

Both songs are back to back and in that order on the tracklist. Both songs are upbeat and easy to rap along to. Both are catchy af PERIOD. If it weren’t for the lyricism of “Lead The Wave” and “I Remember,” these two would have taken my spot for favorite. Hopefully, a video is coming for “Vacation.” I can see him with plenty thick baddies now, in Greece, or a private island, just living life.

Honorable Producer Mention

Not my favorite songs, but possibly the best beats on this album go to Cassius Jay. His beats can be found on the last two tracks of the album and add a strong finish to the project. Both songs, Soul Plane and the outro, Bruce Wayne have a unique touch making the end as strong as the beginning. He adds a certain fluidity.

Overall, this album was a wonderful project that shines an overdue light on arguably the most talented in the group, Takeoff, and you can easily listen to it in full without skipping a song.

What you think about the album? Let me know in the comments.

To Watch His Latest Video, Last Memory, Click Here!

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