Favorite Songs Of 2018 (so far)

There are less than 2 months left in 2018 and now seems like the perfect time to reflect on some of it’s hits. This year has given us The Carter V, a new Kanye, the Black Panther Soundtrack, two solo efforts from the Migos, posthumous songs from the late XXXtentacion and Lil Peep, and so much more. The list can go on and on of what we’ve experienced high and low, but after a year of it all, it’s time to experience what has come from it; some amazing music.

Below is a list of my favorite tunes released this year; some mainstream, some not, but all solid. Not in any particular ranking, deeming any song better than the other, these songs are in the best order to be consumed and digested.

Of course, there were so many songs released this year, so many amazing albums, yet we would be here all day if we touched on them all. That is why I have compiled an hour of music, some you may have not heard, to bring you into my world; a little love, a little hype, and a whole lot of talent.


“Shine On” Londrelle

This isn’t the first time Londrelle has graced my site. A few months ago, I posted about the inspiration he has poured down over my life. (Click here to read it) He is a poet and a light to many. From his ever popular project Eternal Sunshine, you’ll find this jewel among many others. Not only his flow and uplifting lyricism were appreciated, but Naomi’s feature as well. Tune into this track and tell me what you think!


“‘Til It’s Over” Anderson .Paak

.Paak didn’t skip a beat with this song, literally. From jump, his sound is bold, but oh so smooth. It makes you wanna lay out a blanket in the park, light up a blunt, and stare at the stars with your lover. I like the simplicity of the song from the open space where we can enjoy the beat to the lyrics even when they seem repetitive, it’s a vibe. But what else would we expect from .Paak?


“Paris” Nakala ft. Jordo

This song knocked me off of my feet when I heard it a few months ago and I can’t turn it off! “Paris” is a track off of Nakala’s EP Owe It To You which you can read about here. You can also check out our interview on the same page where we talk about struggles she faces in the industry, the inspiration behind her music, and her latest project, GIRL. 


“With Me” Jennifair

Jennifair is an R&B singer in New York who is still a hidden gem, yet is increasing her imprint as each day goes by. This track trapped me when I was in school late spring and hasn’t let go of me since! The song is pure and the video one of the most open and raw I’ve seen in my life. Check it out for yourself below and tell me what you think!


“Boo’d Up” Ella Mai

There shouldn’t even be a question as to why this track made it to the list. This U.K. R&B singer knew what she was doing with this one! I am sure this track will even weave its way into the new year too, especially after the release of her first solo album, Ella Mai. What do you all think about this Boo’d Up banger?


“Seasons” 6lack ft. Khalid

Earlier this year, 6lack delivered a project of love, pain, and moving on from the lyrics to the beats to the skits. I can truly say it is one of my favorite projects of the year. “Seasons,” one of my favorite songs. This track featuring Khalid is on my top list because it has the perfect combination of everything a good song needs; the lyrics, right beat, and a heart touching skit to put the cherry on top.

Mereba, the lovely voice at the end, speaks so fluidly I can’t even bare to switch the song. If you haven’t let this song or any tracks from his album grace your ears yet, head over to my review, I posted plenty other songs from the project. I promise it is worth a listen.



R.I.P. X…

I loved this song before his passing and that still rings true to this day. The video was released only days after his murder. He has since released more music and videos, but “SAD!” will always be one of my favorites from this late emo rapper.


“Fukk Sleep” A$AP Rocky ft. FKA Twigs

This video reminded me how much I loved this song when A$AP dropped his third studio album Testing earlier this year. Although the album wasn’t my absolute favorite, this song… FYE. From the street fashion to the way FKA twigs traps my attention in nearly every scene, it’s hard to overlook a gem like this. You can peep it below, but be careful, you won’t be able to look away.


“I Like It” Cardi B ft. Bad Bunny & J Balvin

Over 700 million views. Peaked at #1 on Billboard. Winner of MTV’s “Song Of The Summer” award. This song is epic. Directed by Eif Rivera in Little Havana, Miami, Cardi’s Spanish background was perfectly represented. Detail went into her styling to who was featured to the beat and it paid off. I love how Cardi can weave through so many genres with ease! You can check out the video below.


“King’s Dead” Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, & James Blake

This song was one of many greats from the Black Panther soundtrack released earlier in 2018. Not only is it an upbeat party starter, but the video is by far one of the best released this year! You can peep Kendrick in a tree, Wolfe of Wallstreet energies, amazing angles, and skyscraper views. There is so much to see and likely over 7 scenes throughout. If you want to check it out, just watch below!


“Mona Lisa” Lil Wayne ft. Kendrick Lamar

After a 5 year wait, Wayne delivered. I️ mean REALLY DELIVERED!! The entire Carter V was something I️ appreciated and this song specifically. The lyrical story telling from both Wayne and Kendrick were impressive to say the least. You can literally picture every moment they both describe. I think the quality of this song falls unrecognized by a lot of y’all so I added it to the list so you can put some respeck on this track!


“God’s Plan” Drake

This track was an instant hit upon release. Upbeat and encouraging the video matches the song. Drake goes to Miami to pretty much give out money to random people from this small town. I could say more about the song, but chances are when you read the title, you started singing along. This song isn’t on the list because it stands out from the rests of Drake’s catalog, but it does stand out as a vibe and I couldn’t pass up a chance to add it to the list! Plus after going 8x platinum in the US, and platinum in 8 other countries, we can’t deny its greatness. You can watch below for yourself and witness Drake freely giving away about $1 million.


“Estamos Bien” Bad Bunny

If you read my site enough it’s safe to say that you know my taste in music is ecceltic. That being said, this is the best Urban Latin song released in 2018. I play it every day religiously, sometimes more than once. Bad Bunny is an entire vibe; a Puerto Rican sex symbol, mysterious, and in this song an optimistic boss you can’t bring down. Peep the video below and tell me what you think in the comments.


“A Day Without A Mexican” Kap G

After Pharell called out Donald Trump for playing “Happy” during a rally after the mass shooting in Pittsburg at a synagogue. He spoke out through his lawyer making the demand for him to “cease and desist” ever playing the song again!  Kap G teamed up with him for his “A Day Without A Mexican” music video. This song touches on many social issues and comes at no better time after years of singling out Hispanics in this country. Kap G has always been proud of his Mexican heritage and also hosted a seminar during his music video release, empowering the Hispanic community. You can watch the video below.


“This Is America” Childish Gambino

So many subliminal messages that it is impossible to watch only once. Addressing mass shootings and many other challenges we face as a community, Donald Glover created a touching masterpiece that will go down in history. I had no choice but to add this eye-opening video centered around political injustice.


That wraps up my favorite tracks from this year, it was hard not to name more, but hopefully, this satiated your musical appetite. Tell me below what songs are your favorite from the list!!!

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