Tekashi 69 Has A Lot On His Plate This Thanksgiving [News]

As we all know 6ix9ine has seemingly been living his best life. Touring internationally, pushing rainbow whips in Dubai, turning up crowds at major festivals, and gracing the headlines of most major media platforms. Now, the self-proclaimed “King of New York” is getting some attention alright, but probably not the kind he was hoping for.

On Sunday, shortly after his Breakfast Club interview last weekend, 6ix9ine was picked up by ATF on racketeering charges. During the interview, he spoke on why he fired his team, potential backlash he was facing from MTA who booked the tour he recently canceled, and also the half million he spent in legal fees just last year.


Since his indictment on Monday, more news has surfaced to shed even more light on the situation he is looking at. Currently facing 25+ years in prison, along with his former team, he has been denied bail at $750,000 with the promise to turn in his passport and begin house arrest. He even offered to give “all the money he has,” 1.7 million, yet the courts weren’t hearing it.

Now, on top of that, although it seems it could be no worse, MTA is now saying that they will sue Tekashi if he doesn’t release a statement apologizing to them for the slandering of their company along with the money he was given for the shows he will no longer be a part of. According to them, he was given $860,000 preemptively before he canceled his shows, leaving us with the question, where is all of his money or what did he spend it on? He will have a little less than 1 million left if MTA gets their money back.

He has found support from many since his sentencing. Nicki Minaj, Akademiks, and 50 Cent have all come out in support for him and his family and now it seems like he may see some light in his future.


Last night he was released from the federal prison he was being housed at. That is not to say he is now a free man, it just seems he has been transferred. Thankfully for 6ix9ine too, because he was being housed in gen pop with Crips and Bloods alike. That had to make him feel unsafe. Word is, this transfer may be a sign that he is on the verge of striking a deal. The terms of this deal are currently unknown, although TMZ says it could be a sign he is snitching. Although that is a little hard to believe, we will see how this pans out over the next few days.

Will he strike a deal? Is he going to be a free man? We don’t know yet, but what are your thoughts?

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