New Self Aware Lyricist, Umi, Is One To Watch

I’ve been in my zone lately. Listening to smooth tunes and in my energy. My music taste has expanded into new areas I never knew existed and I’m loving the places I find my ears floating towards. More piano, Jazz, R&B, and soul food music; leaving my usual box and leading me to new territories that I welcome openly. Even more specifically though,  I recently ran across Umi, a Southern Cal student with a knack for soul touching lyricism, whose music I am more than eager to share with you.

Her song “Friend Zone” is what initially caught my attention. A pop influenced, beachy track that acknowledges a classic issue we’re bound to face at one time or the other. (Watch the official video below) It popped up on my “Chill” Playlist on Apple Music and just after a minute, I found myself on her artist page looking for more. To my excitement, she had, in the course of a year, released 4 singles, 5 music videos, and an EP subtly titled “Interlude.”

That’s when I sat down and took the short time to listen to her 4 song EP which clocks in just at 10 minutes in length. Sultry, honest, and lyrically detailed, the project is well worth it and one you’re sure to keep on replay.

Starting with “Nostalgia,” Umi sets the mood with the shortest, yet no less powerful, song on the project. Quick, smooth and to the point, it seamlessly guides you into the second and overall most popular track, “Midnight Blues.” Slightly more upbeat, this track comes with a video to complement its airy vibes. Joined by friends, Umi appears in this what seems to be homemade video, but that didn’t stop it from racking up over half a million views in just under a year. You can check it out below before we touch on my favorite track from “Interlude” and her most recent release of the new year.

“This Universe” ranks at the top of my list from not just her EP, but her overall content as well. It’s the perfect middle addition and brings our attention to the project title “Interlude,” almost as a description to the interlude of love itself. Very simple, yet reflective and present in the sense of our relation to the world, Umi proves herself of having the ability to make consciously aware music consumable and light.

Rolling off of what seems to be a progressively successful year, Umi continues with the release of “High School” alongside a cute, house party themed video to match her song reflecting on failed teenage love. Reaching 20k views in only 12 hours it’s pretty safe to say her work from last year is catching up to her in a great way!

Somehow Umi finds a way to create music that will remain timeless yet caters to an audience of millennials. Her smooth voice joined by her transparent thoughts of love are matched perfectly to offer something that’s hard to find in a day and age where we seem to run from real connections instead of facing them. In such a raw beginner phase of her career, it is exciting to anticipate where her talents may bring her, but I think it is safe to say she is off to a great start.

Beginning on Soundcloud and YouTube, Umi has written and recorded her own music up until this point and now has a solid bit of music available on all platforms. With continuous hard work on top of what she has already built up, she is on my radar to see how this will open up her independent career up to new eyes and ears.

You can follow her on Instagram @WhoIsUmi and find her music on all streaming platforms.

What do you all think about this artist’s music and lyrical abilities?

Chime in below!


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