Short, Sweet, And To The Point: 4 EP’s That Are A Must Play

In an era where we are always moving fast and never slowing up for anyone or anything, short & consumable projects come as a blessing. Something to tune into for now, while we move from A to B, that can be easily finished and appreciated before our attention switches up; or we reach our destination.

On top of the shortness, these projects also offer a smooth sense of lyricism that is a welcomed change compared to the watered down words we sometimes call music. Below I have listed 4 projects that speak to me. From their beats to their poetic expression of self and even love, each artist found a way to step outside the box and into themselves to create something unlike anything we are used to.

“Volume 1” Pink Sweat$

26-year-old pink advocate and Philadelphia native, Pink Sweat$, left his mark on 2018 after the release of his first single, “Honesty.” Since, he has picked up even more speed dropping his first EP shortly after. Again, the project is quick, but lyrically leaves you feeling full. Proving that length and substance don’t always go hand in hand.

His lyrics seem like they are straight out of a millennial diary, something we all took a part in writing. Each track is short, sweet, and the perfect blend of heartbreaks and reminiscence that we’ve all experienced in life. His melodic sound in each song is perfectly accompanied by smooth guitar, which by the way, yes, he plays too. Only 6 songs in length, you really have nothing to lose by pressing play. For a little preview, in case you aren’t yet convinced, you can check out one of my favorite videos below!

“Crush” Ravyn Lanae

Maybe I love this project because I am in my feelings… So What?

Ravyn has always been an artist I’ve kept up with. Looking for tours she opens on, researching her past, pretty much a healthy stalker of her musical talents and progress. But my overall stan love for the pure poetic lyricism and thoughtful production isn’t why her project made my list.

In a quick 17 mins, this EP takes you places you didn’t know you could go again; a reflection of crazy roller coaster love. ‘Crush’ is a 5 track EP that makes you want to get up and 2 step your way into an airy mood filled with hues of reds, pinks, tans. It’s mixed with a little love and a whole lot of confusion. Yet, somehow it feels like a good thing. Isn’t love just that though, messy and confusing?

“Be Yourself” Taylor Bennet

A little tip for listening to “Be Yourself”: Listen to the project in order and with your full attention to catch on to Taylor’s epic storytelling wordplay.

A slick 20 mins, this EP comes as Taylor’s 3rd project. Its most popular track, “Better Than You Ever Been,” features Young Thug, but don’t sleep, there are more must-hear tracks that deserve a mention. So many that I literally reviewed each song and then had to condense it a bit.

“Everything That I Can’t Handle” is a third person reflection on Taylor’s life that can only be described as self-aware and bold. Touching on his childhood, sexual orientation (He is Bi and he is proud), and life as a black man, Taylor spits this 3-minute song hook free and outspoken. If you have ever felt out of place, this song gives you a home.

Although I vibe with the whole EP, another song worth mentioning is “Rock ‘n’ Roll” featuring Zxxk. This song is a bit more fun and upbeat. Highlighting the rockstar lifestyle with all of it’s up and downs from cold hearts and broke living to the fast life and parties. Fun Fact: the featured artist is pretty underground right now and signed to Tay Bennet Entertainment, a Chicago based label started by Taylor himself in 2017.

“Interlude” Umi

If you haven’t heard of Umi, you must have missed my last article spotlighting her as “Artist Of The Week.” (You can read it here.) Her EP’s sound comes as no surprise compared to her overall body of work. She has a silky smooth voice that flows over you like water and can be felt throughout the entire 10-minute project.

Only 4 songs in length, Umi still finds a way to drift you off into love, inquisitive thought, and peace. My favorite song is hard to pick especially when picking two is picking half of the options. Yet, at this moment I would pick “Frequently.” Upbeat, still somehow serene, this track is like a wave that you could ride on for a lifetime and a wonderful outro to such an experience.

The most popular track on her EP is the only song from the project accompanied by a video. It is an amateur one to say the least, yet I feel like it adds to the aesthetic of the song itself.

These projects are so short that to listen to them all would be only asking for an hour of your time. Trust me though, it is well worth it.

Have you listened to any of these projects yet? Let me know in the comments below if you have or who your favorite artist is that’s out right now!


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