“Issues/Hold On” Teyana Taylor [Music Video]

Before I even say what I thought about this video in detail, I’ll say this, IT WAS BOMB.

Great. Now that I’ve said it, let me say what thoughts were screaming in my head by he end of this…


Now, Teyana has come under a lot of scrutiny concerning her marriage over the last year or so. She has spoken out on their openness towards threesomes and their general acceptance of trying out new things many times. Yet, for some reason, this video still comes as a surprise. A hot and steamy love story of a surprise, but a shocker nonetheless. One that feels, at times, too private to watch; an intimate show of love that you just can’t look away from.

A$AP Rocky is her lover a choice for her self directed video and also features a few more big names. You’ll see Tyler the Creator, A$AP Ferg, Lori Harvey, and Kristen Crawley all make an appearance throughout the 70’s themed scenes.

Overall, from the song to the amazing story line, this video is one you may watch a few times. Although her views on marriage could be considered interesting to say the least, that remains to be none of our business. As consumers we need be only concerned by one thing, her talent! As for that, Teyana has and continues to prove herself as an artist in entirety.

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