Philanthropist and Rapper, Nipsey Hussle, Fatally Shot in Hometown, LA

Another sad day has fallen upon the Hip Hop community, numerous families, and our culture as a whole. Around 3:45pm PT, Nipsey Hussle was pronounced dead yesterday after a shooting near his store, Marathon Clothing; only 33yo, leaving behind his 2 children and long time girlfriend Lauren London.

Raised in South Central L.A., Nipsey started out his life in an environment most can’t find their way out of. Yet, with his unique mindset, he made a way and was recognized by many for the contributions and changes he made. The location of the shooting was actually at the strip mall he recently purchased and was recognized in Forbes for; the same strip he used to hustle on as a kid. He also owned a FatBurger nearby, another inspiration to the young black community and to black leaders across the country to invest in their communities.

After his passing many responded to the loss. Issa Rae tweeted the following:

Community support wasn’t where it stopped though. Nip’s positive influence was backed by government officials as well. It was actually the mayor, Eric Garcetti, who made the official report of his passing, something we don’t often see in hiphop culture.

Nip is a legend, not only to his hometown but society as a whole, who has left his mark in a numerous amount of ways. From his outspoken knowledge to the physical action he took to inspire a change to the world, Nipsey set an example of someone who came from the jungle and reached back to bring his community with him.

Unfortunately, we are still unsure the reasoning behind this untimely shooting and the assailant is still at large. There are a few theories as to why it happened though. One of those reasons being way bigger than street beef; a government conspiracy.

Shortly after the release of his debut album, Victory Lap, Nipsey appeared on The Breakfast Club to talk about that along with a few other topics, one being Dr. Sebi. They talked about his holistic remedies, the conspiracy behind his death, and an upcoming project he had in the works to educate us on the knowledge he left behind. That mission was cut short by his death, but the proof is left for us to witness. You can watch that clip of his interview below.

This is all a conspiracy though. Nip actually tweeted right before the shooting referencing his enemies. Pretty cryptic.

Although there is no way to confirm any theory, there are somethings we do know…

Nipsey Hussle was and still is an example to our community, an inspirational entrepreneur birthed from circumstances most don’t overcome, and his memory will last longer than his lifetime.

How did Nipsey affect your own life? Was it his music, his actions, or something else?

Sound off in the comment section below and uplift his memory.

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