Charlotte Breweries Join With LYFT; Supports Responsible Drinking

If you are familiar with the Charlotte scene then you know craft beer is considered one of our specialties. With over 40 breweries, it is safe to say it is part of the city’s culture; often offering more than a bar ambiance including beautiful patios, tours, specialty pours only found on site, live music, games, and more! Truthfully, I don’t understand it, but most are even family friendly, so… bring the kids along if drinking with the kids is your thing.

Luckily now, whether your kids are with you or not, you can have an option to get home safe and save a little money thanks to LYFT’s new partnership with some of Charlotte’s best local cideries & breweries. If you and your friends choose to ride safe with LYFT for the evening these breweries will give you a code for 50% off on your ride home! How aware and cool is that?!

They even threw a party at NoDa Brewery as their official announcement. Check out a little snippet below!

They offered free drinks (NoDa Coco Loco is a top fave of mine) Chipotle, and of course it wouldn’t have been a LYFT party sans pink cake pops adorned with little pink cars! (They were funfetti pops and I took some togo… Don’t judge.) They also had a pretzel backdrop with edible pretzels. I have never in my life seen something so amazing. I had to grab one!

Although not every brewery is on the list, I am sure it will only grow as our city has so much over the years.

Check out which 17 they partnered with below and click the link to head over to their site.

*If you don’t happen to see your favorite on the list, do not fret! Just let them know about the program & urge them to sign up!!

Are you a craft lover? What is your favorite brewery?

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