Music For Your Mental Health

In a world where we thrive on music that promotes violence, drug use, and relationship issues; we sometimes need a break. We need to clear our mind of the bullshit and feed our spirit a bit. It is really hard to be depressed or angry at the world all while surrounding yourself with music that only digs you in a deeper emotional hole of negativity. On that path, you’llnever get yourself out.

So, in the name of Mental Health Awareness Month, I’ve complied a list of music by artists who vow to give good vibes and switch up industry expectations. Below you’ll find rays of sunshine, up beat energy, real love, and good fun!


Let’s start with the artist who, in my opinion, is the leader of sunshine. Someone who puts genuine effort into each piece of art he produces. I say art because his talent doesn’t rest on music alone, he is a master of words, a poet and author, an app developer, a deliverer of self love and awareness.

This ATL native has released a new project each year since 2016 in which he posted two. With 5 projects he blesses us with a slew of spoken word, music, and a combination of both at times. I truly can’t choose one song to highlight, but if you check out my “Ode To” post, you’ll see a few favorites!

Also, he has an app, “Eternal Sunshine.” It delivers sunshine and positivity on a daily basis. Make sure to look for it in your App Store.


Okay Okay… some of you may be questioning why I am adding this young man to the list, but let me tell you, this choice is more than valid. Silento not only recognizes his place in the community of our youth, but he embraces it! He has vowed and stuck by his decision to rap curse word free, has started a wave of self expression and positivity with his music, and not only has it effected young and old in the states, but has gone WORLD WIDE!

This young talented individual has won awards internationally, collabed with artists across the world, and as he does it he encourages kids to stay in school and be respectful. How awesome is that? From school tours to just being openly giving this young man knows what it takes to make a difference. I can’t even imagine the man he will grow into if he stays on this route.

If you can’t believe the greatness he spews from him on a daily basis, just wait on his upcoming interview. I was so impressed to meet him and see not only how well spoken, but wise and aware he was. He also has a new project dropping. (Side note: he made me the most popular mom ever with this video. Check it out below)


It probable you may not know her, but that’s why it’s a must I include this self loving individual. Ventage is another ATLien. Honestly calling her an alien is the probably the best description, besides her name, you could give this lit up soul. She gives me Londrelle vibes with how she speaks, but she truly stands on her own when it comes to sound and flow.

“Sip Me,” the song that caught my attention, is a perfect example of what you’ll get from Ventage. You can listen to it below. Yet, i want you guys to dive a little deeper. All of her work is on Apple Music so head over there and get ready to fill up your library with something you’ve never heard before. When you do, it’s as if you’re listening to something you always wanted, but never knew existed.

Leon Bridges

Soul is where the… soul is! Leon Bridges proves that with his music. Only 29, this Texas native proves his genre has no hold on age, gender, or decade. Not only is his music great, but he also looks the part. That stands out as someone who truly lives for themselves, looking to please no one.

His music is the perfect accompaniment to a breezy Sunday afternoon of reflection and meditation. His music gets you to thinking about the little things in life like love and freedom. Not only that, but his music age appropriate as well. He shows his listeners, like Silento, that cussing in your music is an unnecessary additive. As a mother I can comfortably let my daughter listen to his music knowing it isn’t damaging her life perspective or vocabulary all the while singing along and listening to something other than Kidz Bop.

Jonah Cruzz

Jonah raps about real ish and that’s why his raw uncut style deserves a spot on this list. He gives those of us struggling some hope. He puts in perspective some of the internal battles we face inside as a community; allowing us to face our past through his lyrics.

Cruzz is a story teller. From his childhood life to generalized issues, Jonah approaches each song with purpose and sets the stage by animating each scene with his words.

You should definitely check out “Baby Boy” below. Just don’t stop there! His body of work is more than impressive and you won’t be disappointed.

All 5 of these artist give back to the community through their hard work and lyricism. They prove that following the wave isn’t necessary when it comes to content and action; something it’s hard to find in the industry these days. Make sure to listen to these spectacular tunes and bring some light into your life!

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