Charlotte Artists Putting On For The City

Charlotte has been on the rise for a minute now. The city is thriving and finding growth within from migrating outsiders, attention from our yearly CIAA hosting as well as this years Allstar game, and influence from Hip Hop’s Hollywood, Atlanta which is only hours down the road. Even one of Charlotte’s own Da Baby has been signed by Interscope Records after years of grinding in the city and nationally as well.

With so much shine brought onto the city, it seemed like the perfect time to highlight a few artists who deserve recognition for their dedicated grind, raw talent, and hunger to put on for their city. The list could go on for days, but here are 4 of Charlotte’s top rappers putting on right now.

Da Baby

If you are an original fan, this name still might not be the first that comes to mind when thinking of his music. Within the past 2 years, Da Baby took a moment to rebrand and switch up his name offering a more digestible title compared to his previous moniker, Baby Jesus. Since his viral hit, “Diamonds,” that spread across the Carolinas and into the entire South East, Da Baby has continued to find ways to ride his self-motivated wave into his newfound record deal and national recognition.

His career is now full steam ahead. His new trending hit “SUGE” has racked up over 44 million views in 2 months on YouTube and “NEXT SONG” follows with 18 million. Da Baby has paved a way for new Charlotte artists in the city bringing more eyes and ears where some of his peers may have felt overlooked. Although not his top song, my favorite from his last project is “Pony” and you can tune into that below!

Stunna 4 Vegas

Although I do not necessarily love his music, this Statesville native has gone from a shadow in Da Baby’s light to shining just as hard and if he is good at one thing, it’s turning up a crowd. Now verified on Instagram and touring with Da Baby, Stunna has popped out with an energy almost unmatched.

He is bringing some major attention to his city and just recently dropped a new album, “BIG 4X.” Charlotte isn’t complaining! We shall see how long he lasts in the lime light, but for now, I hope he soaks it all up. The city deserves the shine and Stunna is being called to the forefront of it all. Check out “Animal” below, my favorite song he has out right now, and with over 14 million views, it’s safe to it’s a favorite of many.

2 Lettaz OZ

Self proclaimed trapper and freestyle genius, 2 Lettaz OZ, is on the rise and continues to gain attention with his consistency and style. OZ drops a new “Weigh Me Wednesday” video weekly, ensuring his fire doesn’t fade out. He has two projects out on all platforms, “Free Me” and “Twenty2Lettaz,” with “Free Me” stealing my heart as the favorite.

2 Lettaz has his own style and flow, raps with a lyrical expertise, and stands out as a wild one. Although he is directly from the city, his native town is down the street and he reps the Carolina’s PERIOT. Make sure to go check out some of his music and watch “Gorilla” featuring Da Baby and Offtop Sav below.

Deniro Farrar

With music dating back to 2011, Deniro is an artist that I can say has been on his grind for a minute and put on for Charlotte before Da Baby was even known. With a massive fan base and a less culture destructive message, Deniro Farrar, uses his platform to display a more positive vibe and promotes a lifestyle focusing on hustle and true success. He even refrains from drug use which speaks for itself when it comes to individuality.

Now, the song I am posting below may be 4 years old, but this is a great song, a perfect example of real Charlotte ish, and he goes off. Not only that, but it also features Bankroll Bird, Duru The King, and YB; some more Charlotte artists to keep your eye out for. Watch it below now and experience Charlotte music at it’s finest.

I could write all day about the slew of artists we host in this city. Jay Way Sosa, High Class Cali, YB, Bankroll Bird, and Gabby Dinero are a few rising artists to watch as well. In the future, I’ll make a 2.0 of this post to boast on the other talented artists in the city, but for now, enjoy this music and get familiar with it because this is ONLY THE BEGINING.

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