Queen Lo is an entertainer and personality located in Charlotte, NC. With a never-ending passion for arts and entertainment, she has always been involved in the “creative” scene in her community. She has attended performances by artists large and local as well as the hottest events in city.

Now, she has transformed her talents and passions into a purposeful career. Involved in many areas of entertainment, Queen Lo is limited by no boundaries. With compelling articles, her blog offers it’s readers a behind the scenes look at events and exclusive details on up and coming artists.

Recently, she took a step further, visually bringing you with her into events and exclusive interviews. Queen brings her quirky personality and informative questions with her for each artist, offering them a platform to display their talents to the public.

As a professional model, Queen Lo stands out with over 3 years of experience with print and promotional modeling. She has been featured in over five music videos and composes tutorials for her YouTube channel as well.

She collabs with So Official Gang every week bringing you amazing beauty tips with correlating videos featured on both her blog and YouTube. Focusing mostly on all natural beauty tips,  Lo writes for straight official every Tuesday.

Published and writing for a total of 3 websites and one magazine, Lo has access to many media outlets for publicity and promotion.

To book Queen Lo to cover your next event or artist email: