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Yung Optu Is Making Waves In The Industry

The rap game is always looking to recruit new players and Yung Optu is coming for that spot. Straight from Pittsburg to Charlotte, this artist has made waves throughout the city. With over 9 years of experience in the game, Yung Optu A.K.A. Yunggin isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  

New Mixtape Release: 2 Lettaz OZ Drops “Free Me”

Let me start by saying, LISTEN UP!!!! This independent artist has hit the scene with a few things under his belt to stand out from the rest! First and foremost, he has talent. It’s hard to deny his poetically formed trap lyrics that no one can measure up to. If I

Exclusive Single Release for Hot New Artist AC

With plenty of new artists on the scene, many of whom some deem “talent less,” or incapable of producing quality lyrics, it is hard to dig deep into the culture and find something worth listening to. Not only something that makes sense, but something that still gets the club hype

Aquala Chantal: A Natural Talent

Everyone enjoys a break from work, hardships, and a time to let loose and relax. Nothing delivers that feeling more than an artistic night out at Apostrophe Lounge. Now this isn’t your average place to go if you are looking to really “turn up,” but to catch a vibe…. i

Jayway Sosa and Baby Jesus

Being from Charlotte, I am always searching for new music and artists with over all talent who are from the city. Two artists who have been on my radar for a while are Jayway Sosa and Da Baby (a.k.a. Baby Jesus). Both have multiple songs on my playlist and energy that

“Nothing is Promised”:Brooklyn’s Best [Independent Artists]

Hello family! As some of you know I just came back from New York and of course I have a brand new event I want to rave about. While I was here I went to Jamaica to get my nails done, shopped in Manhattan, and visited my best friend in

Guwii Kidz and the “Birth of a New Nation” tour.

Wassup you guys! This weekend I had a lot in store which means way more content and this week is filling up with many more great events! I have also started a YouTube channel so you can stay Link’d into all of the events and behind the scene interviews. Big

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