New Music Videos

It’s annoying to search through YouTube for all the new music videos. That’s why we made it easy for you, check in daily for all the latest visuals.

Rae Sremmurd “Perplexing Pegasus”

When I first heard this dou’s music, I wasn’t there for it. It has since grown on me and I’m loving their groovy vibes.


Lil Boosie “God Wants Me To Ball”

I had to post this cause he is in my top 3 favorite rappers. The beginning of this video brings back nostalgia of Boosie’s earlier years and then goes into his present lavish life. What do you think of Boosie’s music?


Remy Ma ft. Lil Kim “Wake Me Up”

I am not too sure how I feel about Queen B’s sound. That autotune might just be too much for me. I can say, I love how boss both of these ladies look, I can’t wait


G-Eazy “The Plan”

You guys have probably already been on G, but this song definitely put his music on my radar. Not like I haven’t heard his name before, he just was never an artist I was checking on.


Jidenna “Boomerang”

First of all, don’t judge…. I literally just got up to dance along to this video. But, on a serious note, Jidenna be coming out with those hits don’t he?


Gucci Mane ft. The Weeknd “Curve”

How many Gucci’s are in this video? Let me know in the comments!


A$AP Ferg ft. Meek Mill “Trap and a Dream”

First and foremost, FREE MEEK. Now, as far as this video goes, I’ve always liked Ferg and Meek’s music. They never fall short of being themselves; not overly glorified, but just talented lyricists none the less. This video is a depiction of down to earth real ish that I expect from these two.


T.I., Brandon Rossi, and RaRa (Hustle Gang) “Game 7”

Okay, Okay… I’m peeping T.I. and Hustle Gang on the rise right now. This song is definitely catchy and the race track visuals are pretty nice as well.


21 Savage “Bank Account”

I’m on and off with 21 Savage. Some music I like, others I change the song immediately after hearing his voice. This is video was directed well and features Mike Epps. Do you like his music? Let me know in the comments!


Miguel “Told You So”

A lil old school vibe which is so fitting for this talented artist! Miguel gets me every time with his beautiful voice!


Ace Hood “3 Bless”

Ace is one of the more underrated artists in the industry that has been out for a minute. Are you a fan of Ace? What’s your perception of his artistry?


Kodak Black “Halloween”

I have too many questions right now…

Who’s bad ass kids are these?

Do I know the man in this video? I think I do..

Damn, why those kids have to do him like that?

Someone answer these questions!!!


Kodak Black and Plies “Too Much Money”

This Halloween, a lot of artists dropped new work. Speaking of, so did Kodak and his fellow Florida rapper, Plies. You can hear the full mixtape now on Spinrilla, but check out their latest video below now! Plies is fresh af head to toe!



Young Dolph “Point Across”

I just saw the info for this casting. It’s great to see people come together and make something work in such short time. I enjoyed watching this video, but for reasons more than the song itself. What do you guys think of Dolph’s new music?


Young Dolph “While U Here”

This song definitely will hit home with anyone who has suffered a loss or came close to losing their lives themselves. With Dolph, I am wishy-washy. Half of the time I like his music, the other half I don’t. This song is one of the winners from his latest album, Thinking Out Loud.


Fabulous, Velous, Chris Brown “Flipmode”

Draya, DJ Khaled, Torey Lanez, Fat Joe, Teyana Taylor, and more were all featured in this star-studded video. The song was catchy, but although background dancers were involved, Chris was too heavy with the dance moves this time around. What do you guys think of this new video and have you heard any of Chris’ new lengthy album Heartbreak on a Full Moon?


Rich The Kid ft. Kendrick Lamar “New Freezer”

What kind of car is Rich The Kid driving? This video is lit strictly due to that. Kendrick set off his part too though. Watch their latest video below now!


Gucci Mane ft. Ty Dolla $ign “Enormous”

Honestly, I am not sure where Gucci can go wrong at this point. All of the work he has been putting out has been hot, including his latest release, Mr.Davis. He has already released 7 videos for tracks off of the project, dropped a book, got married, and more. Gucci is on fire.


SZA “Supermodel”

This video gave me life. Just like her style, music, energy. SZA is the epitome of “be yourself, unapologetically and honestly.”


Lil Boosie “Dirty Diary”

This video is pretty simple, but the song speaks volumes. Boosie is one of my top 3 rappers an although I rock with his old ish A LOT, I like his new stuff too!


Camilla Cabello ft. Young Thug “Havana”

I guess her separation from 5th Harmony was a good thing. I am really rockin’ with this song.


Young Dolph “Believe Me”

Dolph has a tendency of dropping new music after being shot. Or does he just have a tendency of being shot? Either way, he knows how to turn a bad situation into inspiration.


Gucci Mane “Back On”

Is it crazy that I am ready for 2018, just to see what Gucci has planned for next year?!


Young Thug ft. Millie Go Lightly

Thug dressed up in a rainbow turtleneck on a ranch for this video. I guess that is less than surprising.


Calvin Harris ft. Kehlani and Lil Yatchy “Faking It”

This video gets pretty icy and just in time for this season change.


Zaytoven and Young Dolph “Just Left Da Bank”

Zay is doing his thing out here. His beats always knock. I just wish there was more attention on producers these days, especially when they are 80% of the reason music is good these days.


Chris Brown ft. Gucci Mane and Young Thug “High End”

I can not wait until Chris Brown drops his album! This video is a little dark, but I would give anything to be on set for something like this. Fab, Teyana Taylor, and Trey Songz each make a cameo.


John Legend ft. Chance The Rapper “Penthouse Floor”

Chance isn’t in this video, but I love the way they made up for it!


Gucci Mane “Members Only”

Who is ready for the Mr. Davis album to drop tomorrow?! I will absolutely be staying up to listen at midnight. Check out his latest video before the project releases.



Zoey Dollaz ft. Chris Brown “Post & Delete”

Chris Brown has been hustling with all these features and on top of that, his album comes out at the end of October. Not sure how much I like the song. What do you think?


Lil Yachty “Lady In Yellow”

See, now I can get with Lil Boat, but when he starts doing this autotuned signing…. I just can’t. With that being said, of course, this video makes up for it. Yachty always puts out imaginative visuals that add a certain aesthetic to the song.


Jacquees ft. Dej Loaf “At The Club”

This isn’t Dej Loaf’s song but damn in this video she sure steals the limelight. That chick is just too smooth.


Dave East ft. Chris Brown “Perfect”

This mix of Dave’s sexy ass and Chris’ dancing is….. “perfect!”


Young Thug ft. Future “Relationship”

Yachts, drugs, titties, and a home movie… just what this video calls for.


Kevin Gates “Imagine That”

Obviously, Gates isn’t in this one, the rest of the fam is though. Check out the sweet memories of the fam while Kevin is gone and hear some snippets of their phone calls.



Russ “The Game”

Russ’ videos are extremely predictable. Him and his homies. Everytime.




Fergie ft. Nicki Minaj “You Already Know”

Fergie knows how to bring her sex appeal anywhere she goes. Her new project comes next Friday, Sept. 22nd.

Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill and Anthony Hamilton “Lamborghini Doors”

Of course Ross brought his team to Florida to shoot, it only feels right. This video is crispy as hell, flat out! Watch below and let me know what you think in the comments.